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    I guess I like it, I really only saw the re-release of episode 3 a while ago, and I don't really remember it either. Never saw any of the other movies (or any other Star Wars media for that matter)
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    "Fall of therzane....." what? if that woman fell , god help us it will be the second cataclysm
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    I honestly don't know. Maybe? Sort of? Like I love the lore, and the potential, but I think the movies were horribly executed, especially the new ones. I wanted to like them, I told myself I liked them, but it's only recently dawned on me that I've been fooling myself.

    Completely unrelated to SW:TOR which I'll probably try. SW:TOR opening cinematic, that's what I want!
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    Not really. The movies are pretty meh to me, never really understood why they are so popular. I am a big fan of BioWare though, especially fan of their older games like the Baldur's Gate games. If it wasn't BioWare making this game I definitely wouldn't have pre-ordered it.

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    I'm not a big fan but I did like the original 3 movies. I really want to try it out mostly because I liked most of Bioware's games.

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    A lot of people are going to be trying out this game come december, myself included. However, I'm not a huge star wars fan, I've watched the movies etc, but that's about it. So I'm just wondering if the game will be mostly only be played by Star Wars fans or have a varied player base like a game such as WoW.

    If you're going to play SWTOR: Are you a big fan of the Star Wars franchise and want to play the game because of that, or are you just a gamer who wants a new MMO experience, or maybe a bit of both?
    Then theres responders who can't be bothered reading the intent of the OP's post .. sigh

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    I am a Star Wars fan, but have no desire to play a SW game.
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    A fan? No
    Can I enjoy the movies? Yes
    Do I have any interest at all in the game? No
    You two didn't read the OP's post? Nobody cares if you don't want to even try it, the question was If you are going to play, are you a SW fan?

    Alot of us are going to play it however, in varying levels of SW background, everywhere from just loving a great game, to true-SW lore fan.

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    As a huge fan of Star Wars and RPGs in general, is there something wrong with me that I'm not excited for this game? The combat looks very wooden and clunky.

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    Both for me.

    I remember as a kid, I ran home from the park when I heard Star Wars was on TV. It was a set of movies that me and my family enjoyed watching together. Good memories.

    Also, I'm an avid Bioware fan, went through ME2 twice (which is a rarity for me these days, however since quitting WoW I find myself doing that more and more). I played through KOTOR 1 but never really played KOTOR 2.

    And about SW EP III. The acting was horrible due to one person imho. However, I enjoyed the hell out of the last battle (two battles that went on in fact). Nothing like seeing a badass fight sequence and a bad actor getting his limbs chopped off and fried. Bet you the final part was the movie critic's wet dream, eh?
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    I am a major Star Wars fan, HUGE! My favotire character being the Emperor. And only true fans know that Sidious is the most powerful Sith who ever lived. Anakin has the potential to be the most powerful, but he blew it..

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    Also a Star Wars fan. I grew up watching them and my brother collected all of the old action figures. I remember admiring his Millenium Falcon . I remember dressing up in white with the earmuff hairdo for Halloween. Not as big of a fan of the first three episodes though I must say. I've also read several of the books- Thrawn trilogy is my favourite.

    I'm a first time poster to MMO-Champ btw. Been following information here for years on WoW.

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