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    Eye of Blazing Power and Jaws of defeat VS Rep trinkets

    I am currently running with Eye and Jaws, and will soon unlock the Firelands rep Trinkets. So for a disc priest what would be the better combo.

    cant post links yet but,

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    Eye is a throughput trinket, FQ is a regen trinket (or you can also get some haste or mst from it). It's like comparing apples and oranges.

    For a point of comparison, FQ is nearly identical to DMC:T in terms of average int and regen, but you get a throughput cooldown out of it (which is big win if you actually trigger it regularly). Timing one fiend with FQ (any time you can't hymn+fiend that is) almost offsets the mana loss. Eye is generally considered pretty lackluster but depending on whether or not you actually need regen it might still be your best choice.

    edit: Jaws is beast.
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    Hmmm ok Thanks, im going to give Jaws and FG a try to see if i can afford to reforge out of some spirit, but ill keep Eye handy.

    Thanks again

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    If you're still dumping spirit think about using eye.

    My setups:
    Disc: 2.2k spirit Eye/Jaws
    Holy: 3.1k spirit FoM/Jaws

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    Those of you using the Jaws of Defeat, do you auto fire the trinket with Vuhdo or manually use it?
    I got the heroic version of this trinket last week and I'm still on the fence on how to use the on use.

    (Holy here, so no cd to sync it with)

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    jaws + eye. Disc priests really shouldn't have much mana issues. Using jaws and bubble spamming is pretty damn good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zakaluka View Post
    If you're still dumping spirit think about using eye.

    My setups:
    Disc: 2.2k spirit Eye/Jaws
    That's what I do. We've never had Heroic Eye drop, but I'd pass it for another healer if it did (because we've only had one Eye drop ever and it's mine!).
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    I personally use Jaws/Necromantic Focus. I spec archangel and use holy fire on cooldown, the extra mastery is pretty neat.

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    Well after some 5 mans yesterday (not really a test i know) i think im going to stick with eye/jaws for most part and use FQ if i need extra regen. One thing i noticed is that no one has said anything about Rune? I take it its just a dps trinket?
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    Eye + Necromatic Focus.
    Spirit is worth a lot less for disc so use throughput trinkets instead
    Hell I use DMC:V instead of eye on some fights (H Domo, H Rhyolith (spark healer), H Alysrazor (+1 feather))

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