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    Explain how the Pandaren would have been different if they ended up as the Alliance race in TBC in Jan 2009, a full year before Kung Fu Panda was in theaters.

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    It doesn't matter if Pandaren were slated for TBC... they didn't make it in. Intention means little, perception is key. There have been two KFP movies already, and yeah, no matter what Blizzard does there will be many, many comparisons between Pandaren and KFP.

    Any way you slice it, the work is derivative. Both KFP and Pandaren. It's Chinese mythology mixed with decades of martial arts movies. KFP was surprisingly respectful to the source material, and for that Dreamworks gets points -- whether or not Blizzard does the same remains to be seen. I predict we'll see a bevy of pop culture references bogging this down, too.

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    If you're going to make a cartoony stylized world based on Chinese iconography, you're going to have emergent similarities in landscape, architecture, and animal species. Trying to imply Pandaren would have looked or been different if there never was any Kung Fu panda is silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skizzit View Post
    Blizzard did invent the Pandaren. That doesn't mean then invented the idea of an anthropomorphic Panda. In fact, I even said that they are not the first to use a race of panda men that are asian influenced.
    Samwise is clearly inspired by Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo.

    Which led in some part to this guy.

    I've always loved this drawing Metzen did of the Pandaren.

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    Your picture by picture comparison means jack squat.. its a COMMON Martial Arts pose that is used widely in Kung Fu. We even have a real life actor striking the dynamic pose on yet another great Kung Fu Movie:

    Its a pose often used in body language for "I know Kung Fu!" or to give that martial arts feeling.

    The Pandaren have been around much longer than Po and his other furry friends, well known fact. And as a matter of fact one of the original Pandaren art done by Joe Vriens shows a simular pose struck. It was done in 2007... Kung Fu Panda hit in 2008 and Kung Fu Panda 2 eariler this year. Point being - Pandarens have always been at LEAST Samurai inspired - its kinda hard to copy what in the future.

    These artists must be ripping Kung Fu Panda off too... oh wait they dont even work for Blizzard. Hmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalyyn View Post
    I don't think anybody is denying the fact that Pandarens are similar to Kung Fu panda. However, what I don't get is why thats a bad thing. Blizzard references pop-culture every 10 seconds in-game. People are just way to sensitive about it.
    Personally I thought Kung Fu Panda was great, so the comparison to me is a good thing.

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    if pandaren are a reference to any movie, it would be legend of drunken master more than anything...

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    What's interesting is the evolution of Pandaren came from Japanese "Lone Wolf and Cub", which Samwise spoofed for his daughter. Then when Bushido Samurai Pandas were criticized for not being Chinese, they were made into Kung Fu weilding warriors instead of wandering ronin.

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    Panderan have sort of evolved over the years, from drawing to an artists daughter to game implementation. They were at one point in nomination to be the Alliance race in BC, but the idea was scrapped in favor of Draenai. IMO if Pandaren were implemented back in BC many of the KFP influences would not exist. I find it hard to believe that while working on the Pandaren, KFP was not in the back of the devs mind.

    Yes Pandaren were around before KFP, but Pandaren in their current incantation definitely have KFP influence.

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    Usaki Yojimbo and the samurai panda guy were always my 2 favorite ninja turtle toys when I was a kid!

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    i like world of warcraft. i like pandas. i see no problem here.

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    you guys are so right, blizzard never copies anything.

    nope. never.

    brb guys, going to enjoy my pokemo-....I mean, PET BATTLE SYSTEM. absolutely, totally a 100% original idea.

    now you are going to suggest pet battles arent exactly like pokemon. and then I will laugh.

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    It's a shame you spent so much time typing all this out when it's really all in your head. People are just looking for things to complain about, I swear...
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    yeah kung fu panda invented kung fu stances AND chinese architecture

    it was a pretty innovative movie

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    I'm already looking forward to the expansion after MoP, World of Warcraft: The Ponies of Ponaria, where we get to play ponies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redefined View Post
    I'm already looking forward to the expansion after MoP, World of Warcraft: The Ponies of Ponaria, where we get to play ponies.
    Since that would require Ghostcrawler to give us the ponies he promised so long ago never going to happen.

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    I will say that what they showed at Blizzcon looked more Kung Fu Pandaish then previous concept art would have indicated. I was hoping for something "darker".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    Oh shush. Metzen himself scoofed at this in the lore Q&A, he made it clear, Pandaren have been around for years now, longer then Kung Fu panda.

    They had the idea first, so sorry op, but this is way off.
    *facepalm* As is usual, you have missed the point, yet again.

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    Personally, I think you are as idiot as people who think Worgen has anything to do with the Twilight series (btw, Underworld movies came before the Twilight Novels so, technically, Twilight is only a gay version of Underworld)

    But, even IF MoP is a reference to Kung-fu Pandas. Why is this important? I bet the producers of Kung-fu Pandas aren't crying over it, so why are the players? People complain about everything...

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