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    Kung Fu Panda Comparisons are Valid and Intended

    This thread isn't meant as criticism of the similarities or to judge the value of the Pandaren to WoW. It's simply meant to point out how blatant the similarities are between the two and how these new Pandaren are far more similar to KFP than they are to the WC3 Brewmaster.

    1. Pandaren reveal trailer

    Here is a comparison of the Pandaren reveal and an international poster for Kung Fu Panda 2:

    The only major difference in stance is that the left leg is back instead of forward. The sun is in the same location. The temple is on the right instead of directly behind, but uses the exact same coloring (which is far from the most common, especially for temples). The environment is likewise similar. Obviously it's not identical, that would mean lawsuits. But it's undeniably similar.

    A company like Blizzard does not *accidentally* make a major product preview so similar to another major product preview of a similar theme. They have entire departments devoted to ensuring that does not happen. Unless you believe that Blizzard is utterly incompetent, you realize that - at the very least - they were aware (beforehand) how similar their reveal would be to KFP and decided to keep it that way.

    2. Racial traits remove any doubt

    Gourmand/Epicurean: Po loved food and ate in excess (which is the exact definition of Gourmand). He was also a cook. There's really no argument here. Blizzard did not pull those traits out of thin air and just happen to have them match KFP exactly while having nothing to do with the WC3 Brewmaster.

    Inner Peace: Inner Peace plays a large, mentioned-by-name role in KFP, with Po told that if he finds it, it will lead to a drastic improvement in the speed of his training. Herp derp, rested exp. Again, exact reference to KFP, yet has absolutely nothing to do with the WC3 Pandaren Brewmaster. Unless you consider a drunken haze to be Inner Peace.

    Bouncy: Some may have initially thought that this was some sort of reference to cuddly bears or something, but think back to how much bouncing around Po did and the actual source of the name becomes clear. This also has nothing to do with the hardy, drunken-brawling, never-falling WC3 Brewmaster.


    Merely having a Panda-like creature in WC3 does not get Blizz off the hook for the similarities, especially not when the Pandaren revealed have much more in common with KFP than the WC3 Brewmaster. Again, this thread is not meant to be criticism of that fact, just to point out how the similarities are blatant, and too many + too exact to be coincidence. I don't know if it's a marketing tactic (pop culture reference = instant wider appeal) or if they were just looking for inspiration to flesh out the idea, but it's there and it's undeniable.

    Please stop saying that the comparison isn't valid unless you can explain the above similarities without arguing that they are a series of big, logic-defying coincidences that Blizzard's legal and PR departments mysteriously missed.

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    Blizzard has had Pandaren since before Kung fu panda came out and they've always been invovled in food, beer, and kung fu. They weren't just "some panda in WC3", they had quite a bit of associated ideas. Samwise wuvs his pandas.

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    Honestly, it all boils down to this Pandas + Martial Arts = Kung Fu Panda. Anything/anyone that says otherwise will be met with scorn, sadly. I can see how people draw similarities, but I honestly don't see how that makes it a bad thing that they are similar...

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    I don't think anybody is denying the fact that Pandarens are similar to Kung Fu panda. However, what I don't get is why thats a bad thing. Blizzard references pop-culture every 10 seconds in-game. People are just way to sensitive about it.

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    i think you are right, KFP stole from blizzard by making a pandaran cartoon movie.
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    I think Kung-Fu Panda stole Blizzards idea not the other way around

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    Oh shush. Metzen himself scoofed at this in the lore Q&A, he made it clear, Pandaren have been around for years now, longer then Kung Fu panda.

    They had the idea first, so sorry op, but this is way off.

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    Why does it matter though?

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    Ofcourse there are gonna be references. It's entirely unavoidable.

    It's an expansion featuring Pandaren. I'd be really concerned if it didn't include a crapload of reference to Po and his eating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markluzz View Post
    I think Kung-Fu Panda stole Blizzards idea not the other way around
    Nobody stole anything.

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    Oh, bringing them up are definitely valid, but what is wrong with Blizzard taking ideas from other sources to enhance their own products?

    How about all the other references out there to other pop culture things? Un'Goro and Link/Mario/Donkey Kong/etc? Sholazar and the LOST reference?

    Yes, I did look at the similarities when the stuff was announced, but I didn't go into a nerd rage over the similarities. I enjoy KFP, and I enjoy Pandarens.

    The issue really is that the Pandarens existed in WC3, and it was only based around a single unit in the game. The Brewmaster is no different than a Drunken Boxer, who happens to have magical powers (to split into copies of itself). Pull back from the idea of a Brewmaster, and what do you get? A more general Kung Fu style martial artist. Pandas are from China, so Pandarens being from a Chinese-inspired place (Pandaria) makes absolute sense.

    While it is entirely plausible that the rest of the dots were filled in because of KFP, it doesn't mean that the ideas they had in KFP were unique in any way. Obviously the Brewmaster came before KFP, which means Blizzard did have an idea of it in general. I just feel that the talents are a sign of respect toward KFP rather than just a ripoff of KFP.

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    Blizzard has used pop culture homages and references in nearly every single game and expansion they have ever released. Why are you crying about it now? Why does it even matter?

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    They are not valid. Pandaren have always been asian influenced since they were first thought up by Samwise. They are also not the only fiction to use a race of panda men that are asian influenced. The poster thing is ridiculous. They are both standing in a typical martial arts stand and have a pagoda in the back ground. Disney did not invent martial arts or pagodas. Epicurean is more a reference to their laid back nature (also evident in their love of beer/ale) and their obvious girth. Inner Peace is a staple of any martial arts. But ok, I will give you Bouncy. That one might be a reference to that movie. So you are 1 for 4. Congrats, you solved the grand conspiracy.

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    Most bears in any sort of story or cartoon eat alot, so no real stretch there. Most fat characters in cartoons roll or bounce when they fall. Again, no real stretch there. As for the theme of the backgrounds.. It's cartoon asian. It's going to look the same.

    I think you are comparing things that are alike because of the themes surrounding them. Not because blizz tried to rip someone off.

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    cause martial arts stances only pertain to pandas.
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    Dear OP

    It is, in fact, All coincidental.

    It is, in fact, All in your head.

    There is NO comparison between Pandaren and Kung Fu Panda other than it features Pandas.

    PS. I didn't read anything you wrote because at this point, these posts and points on such an inanely stupid topic don't warrant my time to read it and should instead be bashed of the utmost calibur.
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    I thought everything ever has a kid comparison?

    Don't Wolves have like kiddy versions in puppies?

    Why would a friendly Panda movie for all ages that got a 88% on Rotten Tomatoes mean Pandaren are stolen from it?

    Also I'm not sure why martial arts mean anything either.

    What's wrong with Kung Fu Panda, btw? Everyone keeps attacking it for some reason but all the reviews say its a good movie.
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    It's a bloody good movie Lord

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    Whenever I saw the Kung Fu Panda movie their was a ox looking person, when I saw it all I could think about it that they looked so much like tauren. So maybe they got it from wow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by apepi View Post
    Whenever I saw the Kong Fu Panda movie their was a ox looking person, when I saw it all I could think about it that they looked so much like tauren. So maybe they got it from wow.
    Yeah, when I saw it I laughed because I thought "Pandaren!"
    Nevar 4get Exarch Cyn.
    The Horde and The Alliance haven't changed since Warcraft 2. Pandaren are the first true change to either faction for 12 years.

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    Its a terrible movie and Jack Black is a stain on the underwear of humanity. It made me so happy when Chris just flat out said "no" to that ridiculous request to have that moron do a voice-over.

    Anyway OP, go and watch the Blizzcon WoW Q and A. Metzen will explain everything you need to know about MoP and why it has N O T H I N G to do with Kung Fu fucking Panda.
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