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    1. Pandaren reveal trailer

    Here is a comparison of the Pandaren reveal and an international poster for Kung Fu Panda 2:

    The only major difference in stance is that the left leg is back instead of forward. The sun is in the same location. The temple is on the right instead of directly behind, but uses the exact same coloring (which is far from the most common, especially for temples). The environment is likewise similar. Obviously it's not identical, that would mean lawsuits. But it's undeniably similar.

    A company like Blizzard does not *accidentally* make a major product preview so similar to another major product preview of a similar theme. They have entire departments devoted to ensuring that does not happen. Unless you believe that Blizzard is utterly incompetent, you realize that - at the very least - they were aware (beforehand) how similar their reveal would be to KFP and decided to keep it that way.
    It is a famous martial arts stance and it looks cool. You might have a argument here, but you can also say coincidence.

    2. Racial traits remove any doubt

    Gourmand/Epicurean: Po loved food and ate in excess (which is the exact definition of Gourmand). He was also a cook. There's really no argument here. Blizzard did not pull those traits out of thin air and just happen to have them match KFP exactly while having nothing to do with the WC3 Brewmaster.

    Inner Peace: Inner Peace plays a large, mentioned-by-name role in KFP, with Po told that if he finds it, it will lead to a drastic improvement in the speed of his training. Herp derp, rested exp. Again, exact reference to KFP, yet has absolutely nothing to do with the WC3 Pandaren Brewmaster. Unless you consider a drunken haze to be Inner Peace.

    Bouncy: Some may have initially thought that this was some sort of reference to cuddly bears or something, but think back to how much bouncing around Po did and the actual source of the name becomes clear. This also has nothing to do with the hardy, drunken-brawling, never-falling WC3 Brewmaster.
    Ok first off, PANDAS LOVE TO EAT. They can eat 40lbs of bamboo a day convert 19kgs and you get around 40lbs. That isn't something Kung Fu Panda just came up with and also, Pandas tend to look fat so think about it for a moment.

    Inner Piece, isn't just something that Kung Fu Panda CREATED. This is apart of the culture, especially with monks. This whole deal with innter piece has always been around.

    Bouncy, yea ok, they took this from Kung Fu Panda or the Gummy Bears lol (the cartoon, not the snack). Lets be honest with ourselves, there is NO WAY they wouldn't borrow something from Kung Fu Panda, Blizzard always gets something from popular culture. This will get ZERO argument with me cause it is so obvious.

    The biggest problem you have is that you have two places drawing from the same source USING the same thing. Of course things will be similar They can't take a Panda and make it a knight. First off, that is insulting to the Chinese which already had a problem when Blizzard had artwork and I guess a pandaren unit in WC3 that wore Japanese armor. The Pandaren monk is inspired by Chinese martial arts which Kung Fu is and it is a fact that pandas like to eat. Mix these all in and you can have 2 similar things kinda how Warhammer and WoW are similar, but not the same. I am expecting a few quests to references to Kung Fu Panda, but also reference other famous martial arts movies in general cause that is how Blizzard is. Basically a lot of what you pointed out, the source doesn't come from Kung Fu Panda.

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    I still hear 'Kentucky Fried Panda' in my head when people say KFP.

    Mmmm... delicious.

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    I think this is how the Horde and Alliance will learn about life, Chi and balance in Pandaria from bouncy bears... and the nay-sayers are with them too

    just kidding
    'These are the signs of a king honour-broke: Pride coming first over all, treading the necks and the backs of his folk, that he alone might stand tall. Giving himself to desires that are base, tyrannous, cunning and cruel. Bring him down, set someone else in his place, such men are not fit to rule.'
    - Oathbreakers, Mercedes Lackey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theendgamelv3 View Post
    Ok first off, PANDAS LOVE TO EAT. They can eat 40lbs of bamboo a day convert 19kgs and you get around 40lbs. That isn't something Kung Fu Panda just came up with and also, Pandas tend to look fat so think about it for a moment.
    Just the point I was making in the 'fat panda thread'

    People need to know how and why panda's are big, I knew about it from David Attenbourough material (yes I do other thing's than just playing wow ), and they are fascinating creature's.
    To give them character and a role in a game such as wow I think it is a brilliant idea, and blizzard are always 'aiming' to please, they don't always, but they do a damn good job in my opinion and their customer base backs that up.

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    Go watch the whole Dragon Ball series and come back.

    Kung Fu Panda is now irrelevant.

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    It's a moot point anyway.

    Kung Fu Panda™
    Kung Fu Panda ™ & © 2008 DreamWorks Animation L.L.C. All rights reserved. Game © 2008 Activision Publishing, Inc. Activision is a registered trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. The ratings icon is a registered trademark of the Entertainment Software Association. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.

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    You are all clearly wrong! Both Kung Fu Panda and MoP have stolen everything they are from none other than.....

    .....Panda Express, who's master gourmand cooks fry up delicious rice and chow mein! With exceptional Kung Fu skill they prepare delicious entrees such as Mongolian Beef, Mandarin Chicken, and who can forget their most deadly creation: the Dreaded Orange Chicken. Clearly it is from this exceptional restaurant, rated no.1 Chinese food in the world*, that Kung Fu, pandas, Panderia, and Mist all come from.

    *this statement is purely for artistic license only

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    so what? blizzard is a company, nothing wrong with them trying to make a profit... if u dont like it, just stop playing

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    One word can describe this entire expansion and it just happens to be a racial for the Pandas!

    That word is! : Bouncy.

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    This thread needs to be closed. MORE Kung Fu Panda crap. Really?

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