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    Shadow Priest reforging assistance

    Once more, I am in need of some assistance, and I come to the lovely people in the MMO-Champ Priest community to ask for it! I've recently made some upgrades to my gear, which required re-simming and re-reforging according to the new stat weights. The problem is, my stat weights came out weird. I'm not saying they're wrong, but they're different from what I expected. Most notably, mastery is higher than anything else. When I plug these values into Wow Reforge's calculator, the output it gives me leaves me below the 30% haste margin. I'm fairly certain that I don't want to sacrifice that much haste for mastery, so I turn to you guys.

    I ran the sim in Sim Craft with 25k iterations on a Patchwork style fight, with all the buffs/debuffs I can expect from my 10 man raid (everything but DI, FM and the crit debuff). Here's my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Gennie/simple

    The stat weights I got from Sim Craft are:
    Int: 3.2758
    Spirit: 1.7160
    SP: 2.5127
    Hit: 1.6482
    Crit: 1.5897
    Haste: 1.5348
    Mastery: 1.6454

    Right now, I've done my best to get close to the hit cap and stay over 30% haste, but I'm sure I can squeeze some more damage out of this set of gear. Any help or suggestions on using Sim Craft would also be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Stats normalized to Int:

    Int: 1.000
    Spirit: 0.523
    SP: 0.767
    Hit: 0.503
    Crit: 0.485
    Haste: 0.469
    Mastery: 0.502

    Ranked highest to lowest:
    Int: 1.0
    SP: 0.767
    Spirit: 0.523
    Hit: 0.503
    Mastery: 0.502
    Crit: 0.485
    Haste: 0.469

    Since you simmed Patchwerk, it's showing how your stats would look if you never have to move during a fight or suffer any interruptions. That is nothing like Firelands, and it's short phases of a fight at most. If you didn't have to worry about moving, MB can be cast on CD without any issue. Mastery then rises in value, but it's artificial because it doesn't reflect the type of fight you're doing.

    In a fight where you have to move a lot, you don't get to cast MB as often as if you weren't moving. Thus, DoTs weigh in more for your DPS. You also have fewer MF's going off because of movement, meaning fewer orb procs, which means less benefit from mastery. DoTs benefit most from Haste: everything ticks faster, even if you don't hit any special bumps along the way for an extra tick.

    My suggestion is to run more sims that reflect your role for the fights. If none fit perfectly, you can average them out between two styles (Patchwerk and HS, for example) so it's not as biased as it would be just looking at one sim.
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    Power Torrent, Volcano and Theralion proc'ed, dots just refreshed. Everyone dies. Just a tank and a boss with around 200k hp. Everyone in vt yells "omg we failed omg omg" and you "don't worry amigos, my dots are steamrolling!". Boss dies while you'd say "Enjoy your loots" with a lot of purple awesomness spilling thru your voice. Just happend yesterday.

    Seriously, i thought i'd reroll warlock for 4.2, but that was the sign that i'm purple inside and i can't reroll. never.

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