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    Anything else I need?

    Im upgrading my computer in a few weeks, And just thinking if I need anything else while im upgrading heres my specs and what im upgrading to:

    My specs now:
    Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 8800
    RAM: 2gb
    Processor: i3 3ghz (Cant remember what version)
    Motherboard: asus (cant remember what version)
    Hard drive: hdd 500gb
    What im upgrading to:
    Graphics card: GTX 560 ti
    RAM 2x 4gb G.Skill ripjaws
    Processor: i5 2500k

    And im not upgrading my motherboard because its new, But I was thinking do I need anything else, My case is fine its some coolermaster, Do u guys
    think I need a watercooler, better hard drive, or anything? Thanks in advance

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    If your i3 processor is not -2xxx you must change motherboard too, and if unlucky HDD and DVD drive as well.
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    Watercooling is not needed, but you'd better get a heatsink for your 2500k so you can overclock more.
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