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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazi View Post
    Because Shadow uses Shadow Orbs as a "resource" instead of a random proc buff - Archangel consumes Shadow Orbs - not Evangelism
    Yes I have said that before My point was that with that change I am not sure how evangelism will function for shadow. If they make that change but leave it as it stacks from MF only it would pretty much be Misery 2.0.... which to me is pretty blah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [-Spiritus-] View Post
    The real question, then, will atonement be disc/holy or just disc, and/or will we build evangelism in a completely new way?

    i highly doubt holy would get atonement....
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    I hear people say bring War back to World of Warcraft, well how about bringing World back to World of Warcraft

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlatedPriest View Post
    i highly doubt holy would get atonement....
    Why do you highly doubt that? It's not that game breaking and would give Holy that "filler" spell that we don't really have (other than Heal, or standing around to regen)
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    We honestly don't know what will happen to things like Atonement. The only things we can sure [or pretty damn close to sure] about are the cores. We know CoH will be holy only. We know Penance will be disc only.

    We have no idea what they are gonna do with Chakra... as I'm sure it's on the design operating table... as I'm sure Atonement is right next to it. Both of those mechanics need help, and we just don't know at this point what they'll look like until we get the biopsy results.

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    In order to keep the 2 spec's (Disc/Holy) different from each other, i expect they wont give atonement to holy.
    They already have the possibility to get Archangel as i think thats one spell that makes Disc Different than Holy right now.

    If u look at Disc its A/AA, Barrier and PW:S that makes them different than the Holy brethren with a different playstyle.
    Where Holy have CoH / Chakra (holy words) and the revive as spirit talent which makes them totally different in playstyle.
    These different skills define both spec's.

    PI will be available for both spec's, Body and Soul will be for both (excited about this as disc).
    These are fun neutral spells that doesnt really define a spec are now accessible to both.

    Glad Pain Suppression and GA arent talents so im guessing they are Specialization skill.

    But yea, nothing is set in stone, and all this is speculation and not based on facts.
    As long as the difference between Holy and Disc is like as its right now im happy.
    I for one cant wait till i get my beta invite

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    If all the info you have is from MMOC then you would already know that essential skills and abilities will be baked into the class as it levels, with talents being reserved for Utility abilities.
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    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redsparrow View Post
    that's rather nice, if not a little boring.
    Better then what we have now IMO.
    You either take the best spec or you won't ever raid/pvp .
    With this you can choose alot more different things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aydinx2 View Post
    Better then what we have now IMO.
    wrong both Disc and Holy have quite a lot of free points. Holy especially has about half of the points where you actually can decide yourself what you find best (for you, your raid, whatever) if you are Shadow, okey, but DPS talents will always be cookie cutter, because talent y gives theoretical x dps etc... no matter how many talents they cut. You want to take the new Twist of Faith or PI? That will be predefined by encounter. You wont have more choices. The choices you really can make, are meaningless. (like Tier 1 for PvE)

    I'm very interested which base abilites will be changed (Chakra? Evangelism+Attonement? Shadow Orbs? Strength of Soul still around? etc)
    But I'm somehow sad they brought all this new information befor patch 4.3.
    Somehow I find 4.3 to be obsolete now. Not looking forward to that at all anymore... bring 5.0!! bring more information!!

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    They become passive, aka they are "built-in" in your class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheTrueM4gg0t View Post
    But I'm somehow sad they brought all this new information befor patch 4.3.
    Somehow I find 4.3 to be obsolete now. Not looking forward to that at all anymore... bring 5.0!! bring more information!!
    I know!! WTH!? WTB bigger stuff than 4.3 - which also feels pointless because all of your shit is about to change! lol
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