View Poll Results: Light Side, Morally Grey or Dark Side?

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  • Light Side - Republic

    19 19.00%
  • Morally Grey - Republic

    20 20.00%
  • Dark Side - Republic

    8 8.00%
  • Light Side - Empire

    10 10.00%
  • Morally Grey - Empire

    15 15.00%
  • Dark Side - Empire

    28 28.00%
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    I'll act like I would have done IRL, if that makes me Light, Gray or Dark we've yet to see.
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    Since the Sith Warrior will be my main class I will make him as evil as possible.

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    I'm personally going like, 80% light 20% dark, or somewhere in that area, and that doesn't include romances, so probably more along the lines of 70/30, and I'm not always someone who follows the rules, so yea, I will execute people at times, though most of the time I will spare them.

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    Don't really care, I'll just try to choose the most entertaining dialogue... so probably dark side

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    I'm probably going to try to stick to the Dark Side(as BH), but I'm not going to be a brutal sadist. I'm also tempted to make my JC fall to the dark side in her attempt to defeat the sith in the sence of "live long enough to see yourself become the villain".
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