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    Question for Australian/NZ testers

    It is my understanding that invites were sent out for testers not in initial release regions to test out the servers strategically placed to give us the best latency possible.

    Just wondering what the latency is like? Is it as bad as WoW Oceanic servers (without tunneling services) or about on par? If so, is it noticeable or game-breaking in PvP?


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    I am interested in this too, so everyone share!

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    I don't think you will really find an answer. Betas are more laggy and have more latency than the retail as it is, plus there's the NDA in place. There are too many variables in place, most unseen, to get an accurate answer.

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    I heard it was 200ms from NSW
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    I found it to be close to or better than the latency I get in WoW, which is around 200ms.

    EDIT: I live in NSW

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    about 250ms, when I was doing heroic world instanced content once I noticed some delay on abilities, Im sure with a tunnel It would be even better. Playing out in the world however i never noticed any lag execpt for when everyone on the server was getting it. very fun.

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