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    Ordered the CE my self and looking forward to all of its extras and hope non-ce owners down the road will not get access to the store. After all its all visual stuff so its not game breaking in any way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RatFanatic View Post
    I haven't even pre-ordered yet although I'll probably buy the standard digital before the game launches. I'm really surprised they didn't offer an Alliance... errr... I mean Republic version of the CE. They probably could have sold a lot more if they had. I hope both factions have equally good writing and this isn't a sign of them playing favorites with the Empire.
    I would just say that it would probably cause issues if they came out with two different collectors editions. Getting the wrong one, not having the one you want anymore in stock. That is what I would say the reasoning behind it would be. Who knows, I also hope they do not favor one side. It would make the story far less interesting.

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    I only pre-ordered the DDE. I couldn't stand to dish out the extra $60+ for what the CE offered. I'd really only be interested in the store, anyways.

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    DDE was just right for me. I didn't really want the physical stuff that came with CE, only the two extra digital items :/
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    I got the CE. It was a lot, and I'm having some buyers remorse even before the game is out, but I always regretted not having it for WoW, and the extras from the SW:ToR CE are much better than any from WoW or it's expansions.

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    CE for me a bit expensive but I never bought any wow CE so ... !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zao View Post
    The ToR CE offers stuff that I'm really looking forward to, like the OST and the statue. I always regretted not buying WoW CEs from the start, so I'll start with ToR from the beginning.

    Also: Yes I am spending waaaay too much money on my hobby.
    I'm exactly the same, got the CE's for TBC, Wrath and Cata, it REALLY bugs me that I didn't get the Vanilla CE so as soon as I could BAMN, Swtor CE, and I'll be gettin all the CE's for the expacs as they come out :P

    interesting note, MoP will be the first WoW expac I don't get in CE, I just hope there's nothing too awesome in it

    also I kinda wish there was a mousemat in the Swtor CE... would have liked to replace my Current one... the Cata CE one
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    I don't really care about the CE no. 90 bucks for some crap I'll never look at and some flavor stuff meh. 90 bucks is like 4-5 hrs of overtime for me so not worth it.

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    Don't get me wrong I understand some peoples reservations over the price but this was announced in July I pre-ordered the CE for a various reasons even though I thought it was a little on the expensive side as I knew I had time on my side. most predictions where end of year (Nov/Dec) so from the preorder day I've put £5/£10 a week in the box and now have the full £120 waiting from 20th Dec it was never bank breaking for me just cost me a couple pints per week.

    My point is if you really wanted the CE shop and any of the items included it wasn't difficult to save the cost up.

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