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    MAN i wish they did the ME thing for trooper


    So i am playing Mass Effect so I can get my trooper fix for TOR while waiting for it to release. So I am playing and i notice Shepard has 3 dif weapons on his armor, carbine sniper rifle and a shotgun.

    I was thinking that this woulda been a great way to equip weaps for the trooper. YEA YEA.... i know the trooper will use nothing but rifles and assault cannons throughout the game, BUT if we see an xpac after the first year does anybody else think that this mechanic would be good to give the trooper some versatility

    BTW for those who want a feel of the story aspect of TOR i would suggest playing Mass Effect. The other reason I am playing is to get an idea of how I interact with companions and how to immerse in a story environment. I dont have KoToR disks and am too cheap to buy(saving all pennies for TOR MAN $150+shipping is a KILLER lol) otherwise KoToR is what I would play for my Sith Marauder fix lol

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    It's a nice idea in theory until you look at it from a gameplay and class balancing standpoint. Most if not all classes will have at the max, 2 weapons. Give one class a third weapon in their arsenal and prepare for rioting in the streets.

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    I think they could have gone abit further with the visuals of the Cannon and Rifle, adding a separate barrel for the explosive shells for example.
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    I'm absolutely addicted to Mass Effect and there are a LOT of abilities and ideas that I pick up from it, that could be an amazing addition to the SWTOR world. The idea for how the weapons will be placed and packed away is very good and would be great to have in-game, but I highly doubt anything like that will be present at launch. What you could do is write up a list of abilities and small tricks from Mass Effect and KotOR, put them up on the suggestions forum and hope it gets picked up. Since they are games by BioWare, it probably won't be an issue to use the main idea for an existing feature from a previous game and transfer it into TOR.

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    Maybe I'm kind of missing the point of what you're looking for here. Are you talking about how Shepard has 3 weapons? or you mean the way they're laid out on his back? If it's the former, then I agree with one of the replies: 3 different weapons doesn't quite seem likely. 2, however, may be possible. It's a route that GW2 is taking with their combat system. It would cause trouble with the force classes, who only rely on "one" (or a set of 2) lightsabers. It would be an interesting balance question.

    Talking about the latter, then yeah, I totally agree. One of the most fun things that I had the chance to do at PAX was consciously pulling out my weapon before engaging an enemy. Yes, your character does it automatically, but there's just an epic feeling of actually unsheathing your weapon before you fire off that first black or charge the mob. If they keep that feeling throughout different weapons for the Trooper, then yes, it would be awesome!

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    Theres a pistol on Shepards waist too, just to be accurate. Although pulling out a new weapon in an mmo would only work if that was mechanically changing stances or presences. Its not an action rpg where you can actually snipe and aim, so maybe a hit, crit, dmg presence on weapon might work
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    They are seperate universes for a reason. It's a nice thought though.

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