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    I'm in the Netherlands and both me and my boyfriend got the annual pass. Send them a ticket, because it's not about your country.

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    I'd try actually calling them about this, rather than making a ticket.

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    A guy in my guild had a similar issue. He just changed his country in his acc, signed up and then changed back.

    EDIT: He changed from Belgium to the UK.

    I signed up two accounts using the "automatische incasso" payment model today.
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    The reason it does not work is because you probably don't have any age connected to your account. That's the reason I can't do it right now at least. Those who merged their WoW account with Battle.Net when it first was introduced never had to answer a "age" question, which you have to do now. I've talked with Blizzard and they said they are working on in, so hopefully it will be solved soon!

    Hope it helped!

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    Yea dutch people can get it by doing "automatische incasso" which is debit
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    I'm from The Netherlands as well and although I haven't tried the other options I know the direct debit option works.

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