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    Not even joking, I did all the little inn trick and treat thing quests on my rogue yesterday, kept all the loot bagged.
    14 squashlings.
    but 4th year in a row that I dont have reins on any of my 3 characters.
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    Running with 10 characters every day and have yet to see it drop this year. Got one last year when it was fairly common, on my druid where I never use it because of flight form. Damn you RNG, damn you.
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    I can vouch that the horseman was very generous last year. Before that, I hadn't seen it drop before 2009. I did over 500 runs (no, I'm not exaggerating) that year, 2-manning it with various guildie alts until it finally dropped on 10/30/09 for my paladin, one day before the event ended. The next year, I got it on my priest, shaman, mage and DK in addition to 2-3 extra sets of reins. Across 10 characters (going daily), I've not seen it drop this year. I wouldn't mind seeing it on my lock or warrior but the paladin was the first one I wanted it on so I'm still relieved to have that monkey off my back.

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    lol dont even get me started. there are some mounts that drop from dungeons i didnt even know exisited because i have never seen them lol

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    Don't they increase the drop rate on the last 2-3 days or something? I noticed that a lot of people seem to get it then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Hero View Post
    Seriously now I can't stand the fact that I've been around so long and knowing I deserve it. And RNG just won't do me the favour even after 4 long years...
    And how exactly do you deserve it ?

    It's random and kinda rare. It's a bonus IF it dropps. Not a right you have.

    Sheesh, can you be any more "i want it all and I want it now bu hu hu hu hu" ?
    Ecce homo ergo elk

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    I do say i deserve it after working my ass to become decent maybe somewhat more.5 years commitment to WoW is what makes me think the way I it 2flowah?and yes im hugely pissed atm.
    PS:mercury and Queen rule idiot

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    Hehe, I got the reins twice last year and already got them again this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Hero View Post
    It just makes me sick...4 years and no sight of it. Last year it seemed to be rather common, this year however seems like drop rate got reduced... Seriously now I can't stand the fact that I've been around so long and knowing I deserve it. And RNG just won't do me the favour even after 4 long years...
    This is how I feel about the Valentine rocket.

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    Received 1 out of 8 max level characters over 3 years.
    The RNG is frustrating but at least every one won't have it.

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    This is deja vu, I see one of these for every holiday mount.
    It's a FoS for a reason!
    It's a 3 % drop rate, if I remember correctly.
    Don't make me get GC in here to nerf the DR more! (;

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    It is a lot easier to get on alts than on your main.

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    The mount no longer drops from the boss. It comes at the chance of once a day from the loot-filled pumpkins

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    I've got the mount on my lock and mage... neither are my hunter. >:L

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    i got it on 6 chars
    1 2 years ago and the other 5 last year.

    Also found a kodo and ram in the same bag on my warrior. and a few kodo's on other alts

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    Running it with 7 chars, yet to see a mount this year. Got it on 2 or 3 chars(not my main, ofc) last year, and it seemed really common. Not that common this year I believe, only 1 guildie got it so far and I'm in a pretty big guild.

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    guess im lucky.... did maybe 15 runs total across 3 chars, mostly just 2 chars..

    got it on my druid and hunter on the same day =) + seen the mount drop 5+ times aswell, this year

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    Yeah..strange luck this is...3 brewfest mounts in just a year on 3 chars. No horseman mount in 4 years on the same three chars.

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    lol i just got the reigns on my day one lvl 85 bam

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    never seen it drop once, yet a guildie of mine has it on every single one of his toons...rng is so hateful

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