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    Farming Steamwheedle Cartel Reputation

    Hi folks,

    whats the fastet way to level Steamwheedle Cartel Reputation zu exalted? I'm at 3k/12k lowest (Everlook) and 6k/12k highest (Booty Bay). I did most quests in Stranglethorn but have some left in Tanaris. Am I right that doing all quests in Tanaris and then go on grinding pirates in Stranglethorn is the fastest way?

    Thanks for a quick advice,
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    I believe so, apart from grinding them in Tanaris, on the coast, in the area south of where the horde and alliance are fighting them. Great respawning, but still a looong grind.

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    I had a great farm in the Venture Bay in Grizzly Hills, atleast until exalted with Gadgetzan. The mobs are spawning somewhat instant and its a small area (The ship where they spawn). I'm farming rest of my rep in Tanaris, still need about 9k more to cap Everlook.

    Good luck, have fun - And find some comedy/tv-shows/whatever to do while farming!

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    Any idea how long will it take?
    Aren't there any "faster" possibilities like with Timbermaw these days?

    I have quite some quests left in Tanaris (all since the cataclysm), but at least 20k will be left I guess... which are thousands of pirates...? -.-
    It's better to burn out than to fade away.

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    there's no "timbermaw" option because steamwheedle rep doesn't actually reward you apart from the insane, which is meant to be a load of grindy reps which don't reward you (except bloodsail, you get a costume and title).
    You will have to farm pirates for atleast a quarter of revered as even doing all the quests in pre-cata (excl multiple dire maul runs) and post-cata will still not get you to exalted.
    With a good bit of aoe and a friend, you can make rep at about 3-4k an hour farming the pirates in tanaris, that's what I did

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