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    I have 3 max level characters I've done the Halloween Event every day with for two years. I only saw the HH mount twice, on the same character, back to back days. So let's say 2 drops / 14day x 3 characters x 2 years
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    I'm also in the 4 years no mount boat here.

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    It's the only rare event mount I was lucky enough to get on my main. Also got it this year on my death knight alt that I rarely play <.< Tried to get it on my warlock alt but no luck.

    Brewfest Kodo: Have it on 2 alts. Actually my druid got it AGAIN this year..gnnn
    Brewfest Ram: Never saw it drop
    Love Rocket: Never saw it drop
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    So, what would be your reaction, if you found out, that come cata release first patch, blizzard were planning to kill everyone by sending a bear through the mail?

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    didn't get it either this year nor see anyone else get it :<

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    first year, no mount.

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    I've done it since the very first year when the mount was available but nothing... None of my characters have the mount. Hell last year it dropped like candy, everyone around me got atleast one but here i am another year another without any mount drops

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    I hear ya... also at 4 years without it on my main. Managed one last year on an alt when they were dropping like candy, but none this year which is sad seeing as I did it every day with 10 toons.

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    Did it on my mage alt ONCE for the achievement last year, bam pet,mount,sword and a mask. I didn't even level him to 85. Got it on my tauren druid aswell while going for the ring and the pet. It really pissed me off. >.< I guess I shouldn't complain since i got it on alts atleast but... If only tauren didn't look so ridiculous on a horse.

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    I've seen close to 10 guildies get it this year, on alt's AND mains.. But no luck for me either! FML.
    Third year by the way.

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    Did HH every single day on 4 chars and a week straight on a fifth. zero mounts.... this after trying for 4 years. Oh yeah, 2 helms on my druid and one on lock. None on my dk which i want it on and ofc the gms can't transfer, not that i believed they could but it was worth a shot.

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    This year i did HH every day with 3 characters, i got the mount on my alt dk but not on my main.
    Luckily i also got HH helm for my dk, so it went good but it could have been a lot better if i had the mount on all 3 characters.

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