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    As someone said, the Guild Wars 2 closed beta will be out before the year is over. Beyond that, Arena Net HAS released a timeline: closed beta --> open beta --> full release. Each of these determines the release of the next phase. So, if the bug squashing process goes particularly smooth, we could see a sooner release.

    Most of this info I'm getting from their twitter. Still no release date, but it's resonable to presume it to come in the first half of 2012. For those REALLY hyped, there are the closed beta (presuming this phase has select public participation) and open beta (for the entire public).

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    When GW2 was announced, I remember hearing about it and saying 'Pfft, that will suck.' And went back to my WoW raid. I had a few bad experiences in GW: Prophecies and never ended up going back to the game. Then I started getting really hyped from SWTOR, and saw a bunch of YouTube videos between swtor/gw2. I had seen the Shatterer video, but still wanted to think that GW2 was just a 'shinier WoW.'

    It really wasn't until Gamescom in Koln this year that really got me excited, seeing all the gameplay/pvp. And now here we are, I have both swtor AND gw2 preordered, and really want gw2 a lot more. Swtor will just have to get me through the end of December and through January..... but I'd much rather cancel my swtor account before the free month runs out. So, come ANet. Lets get this game out before I waste another $15!

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    I was into GW2 and SWTOR at the same time and I was tired of the SWTOR hype back in September, I'm still hyped about GW2 and so far I like everything I've seen. The one thing that gets me un-hyped the most is cinematics. When SWTOR was starting to come around they did those really cool cinematic videos and I was all pumped for it, then they release the game play stuff and its like meh. GW2 is opposite and they release game play first and mix in their art, I really like that they are sticking to that so far.

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    Oh man, I really can't wait!
    Seriously, every time I look at those in-game demos I get even more hyped!

    Just give me my Norm Guardian already lol!

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    Pre-release hype is always too early.

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    OP I know what you mean, I really like the look of the game and everything but the hype for me has died down a lot.

    The game feels like a fleeting dream for me right now.

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    I don't think the hype is too early at all, but I do think they need to release some new info soon to keep the hype going.

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    Well having new videos and Race Weeks really got me hyped over GW2, now for some reason... Blizzcon made me even more hyped for Guild Wars 2... odd I know lol.
    I hate waiting for games myself, but on the other hand always this very first day is the best and it never comes back with a brand new game.
    Decided to give a trial in Guild Wars 1, but ended up being bored of it very quickly and turned it off (Ill live without those HoM achieves).
    I think GW2 will have its ups and downs with Hype. The game is slowly being more known bout and friends who dont play Warcraft and such know bout it and will be buying it themselves - which makes me even more happy, cuz its the most fun when you play with your IRL friends.
    With my luck I will have to wait for retail to play it (I live in Poland so going to any near convention where GW2 was shown is bit pricy just to play it for 30mins).
    I hope theyll release some more vidoes soon (PvE and PvP <3) to watch bit more.
    Cant wait to roll my Charr Warrior =D

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    Same for me, i cant justify travelling to a different country to play the game. I missed Euro gamer expo because i was moving to university so.. i missed the boat i think

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    Think of it this way, at least this is how I see it:

    I am ridiculously pumped for this game, I can't wait for it to release, but at the same time, I don't want it to release until next year. There are so many freaking awesome games coming out at the end of this year, I wouldn't have the time to play GW2 anyway. Be excited, yes, but if you let it be one of the only things you're excited for, then you'll becoming frustrated and annoyed.

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    I know what you mean..I am just so excited for this game, and none of this WoW Mists of Pandaria stuff is satisfying my thirst for an amazing MMO. I hope they release the last Profession sometime this week, or next. that would be great!

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    Every new day means 1 less day I have to wait for this awesome game.

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    I think it's a problem with a lot of games these days. But a lot of the hype is also on the part of the fans getting themselves worked into a frenzy as opposed to the devs hyping up the game, and there's not much to be done about that.

    Either: you ignore the game until you hear a release date.
    Or: you manage your own personal hype better.

    That's about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shewkoi View Post
    hopefully most of them don't have a computer that can handle the massive jump in graphic quality.
    It has been officially (Not sure about the officialism) stated that if you could run GW1, you will be able to run GW2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grognard View Post
    Considering that most encounters will involve so much more any current WoW encounter, DPS is likely to be a non-issue; survivability will be the key to many engagements.
    What 'more' are we talking about here? I have yet to see anything that show or imply this, and I've seen just about everything...

    I think the main difference is that generic encounters will require some dodging (manual, not the ability), that a lot of current massive players will have issues adjusting to, but raiders, in any massive, have a lot of dancing to do in most encounters...

    The other problem I have with this opinion/expectation, is that without DPS meters, or just 'good' vs 'bad' DPS, you can't have any kind of combat dynamic that requires 'racing'... including berserker timers, burn phases, etc...


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    To be honest this wait isnt even that bad. try waiting for Diablo 3 for almost 10 years xD. so this wait is nothing compared to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wal182 View Post
    To be honest this wait isnt even that bad. try waiting for Diablo 3 for almost 10 years xD. so this wait is nothing compared to that.
    How about waiting for Duke Nukem Forever for, well, forever, and getting absolute crap in the end?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Koshun View Post
    It has been officially (Not sure about the officialism) stated that if you could run GW1, you will be able to run GW2.
    It was said(pretty sure)that if you play WoW the graphics will be better then that, but if you can play WoW with generally high graphics, then you can play GW2 just fine.

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    Slow down, take it easy. Enjoy a leisurely 6 months with Skyrim while you wait

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