View Poll Results: What yoon will you level first in MoP?

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  • Level your current main.

    186 66.91%
  • Level a new main.

    9 3.24%
  • Level a Pandaren.

    3 1.08%
  • Level a Monk.

    17 6.12%
  • Level a Pandaren Monk.

    40 14.39%
  • I'm not playing MoP.

    23 8.27%
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    Poll: What toon will you level first in MoP?

    As the title reads... What will be the first toon you level.

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    Main 1st. Then I will check out the monk / pandaren.

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    Level my Warlock or Paladin, they are both kind of my mains to a certain degree, as I usually switch between either each tier for a change. Then my Rogue (unless of course my rogue is 85 in the next few weeks and I really enjoy it, who knows...) and then a Blood Elf Monk

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    I'll be getting realm first 90 pandaren monk on my realm.
    Going to be buying Vanilla-Wrath for my RAF, get full heirloom set. Rest is best left a secret because if others took my concept, my race would become much more competitive

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    Herald of the Titans Azerox's Avatar
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    Pandaren Monk Tank/Healer

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    Oh and Ill be leveling my current main (which has always been my main since I started in 07) Gnome Warlock.

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    I'll have to wait and see what class changes will be coming first, particularly near the end of beta since pretty much everything is up in the air right now.

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    My main.
    My Lock.
    My DK.
    Then a Pandawarrior.

    Then my Monk Undead.

    Then posibly a ally panda.
    And a monk ally

    Of course, if shadowpriest are unplayable, I will have to start from scratch.

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    Ill level my current main first but it wont take me long to start my Pandaren Monk.

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    My current main is my human DK which is getting real boring. Going to make my Pandaren Monk my new main and see if it suits me better. Only problem is that there will be loads of other people maining Monks to get a new class to play as well

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    I think imma lvl my main horde and main ally and my rerolled toon at the same time. I wont get any world firsts but it gives me something different to look at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diagonal View View Post
    I'll be getting realm first 90 pandaren monk on my realm.
    Going to be buying Vanilla-Wrath for my RAF, get full heirloom set. Rest is best left a secret because if others took my concept, my race would become much more competitive
    If the secret is to accumulate grantable levels before MOP comes out to immediately give them all to new teddy bear monk there's tons doing this.
    OP - my first lvl 90 will be my farmer druid, herbing/mining to try to make a ton of week one gold off people leveling their mains who are dual crafting profs

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    i picked monk, but i can't say for sure yet. if the class is good, i'll switch to a tauren monk, otherwise i'll stick with my tauren paladin.

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    Pandaren Monk. Been waiting on these since Vanilla, and Metzen even said they withheld them until now.

    So I'll take the opportunity to play the Beta and the real thing.

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    rolling. literally, a pandaren monk.

    After the asspull experience of day 1 yjal and vashir theres no way in hell im barrelling into the jade forest with the hundreds of douchebags on mammoths covering quest givers at midnight. again.

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    have to start with my priest, but then I will definitely make a pandaren monk. Not too crazy about the race, but I may as well give it a try and see what kind of quests/lore they include. The monk class should be interesting. This is a long ways off though... who knows..
    "Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless" - Kenny Powers

    "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." - Winston Churchill

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    I'm going to make a Gnome Monk first thing. If the class isn't as fun as I imagine it will be I'll level my warrior and then my druid.

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    race change my goblin to a Pandaren hunter, then lvl up to 90. Only then i'll roll a pandaren monk.

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    Pandaren Monk!
    I am already hoarding Heirlooms for them.

    Yeah, its a bit pre-mature but hey, can't be too early, right?
    ~Yohohohooo Yohohohoo~

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