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    Creative Mode Challenge. [Chicken Farm]

    Majority of the challenges require a lot of time and effort, or being in a group or online server, so I figured, why not make something simple, that everyone could join in on and show a little of their own taste?.

    The challenge is, Build a Chicken farm, Creative mode is optional if you prefer survival, this is not a battle of the best, just simply build what you like and share it with us

    Forum Rules.
    1) No Bashing Others.
    2) No linking full screenshots
    (Only Use Thumbnail View, Or Link)


    So, lets start this off, this was my quick little one, I play to make a much bigger one now that I've made this thread.


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    Sad face, I wanted to see cool chicken farms

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    Do you want us to make a decorative farm to contain chickens, or use pistons to force chickens into existence somehow?
    If only I could be so grossly incandescent.

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