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  • Death Knight

    22 15.94%
  • Druid

    15 10.87%
  • Paladin

    46 33.33%
  • Warrior

    55 39.86%
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    Quote Originally Posted by FyreRT View Post
    5. the good tank
    So you love tanking with the good tank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zookz25 View Post
    I assume you're thinking of how things use to work.

    Back in Wrath, yes, I macro'd Rune Strike and Heroic Strike into all of my abilities. Now, though, Rune strike is on the GCD, and works like any other ability.

    Heroic Strike on the other hand, was boosted in it's rage consumption, and put on it's own 3 second CD, off the GCD. This made it so if I macro'd heroic strike into my moves, it would eat up a huge chunk of rage when I may of wanted to save instead. And spamming the ability outside of that is obnoxious to me.

    I really use to like tanking as a warrior, I had two different bar sets for heroic strike and cleave that I swapped, and even when by myself, I would always have enough rage to spam them, but now it's just too irregular for it.

    As for DK's being the easiest; I would agree that they may not have as many abilities, but they're the only ones who have reactive attacks that actually matter when you use them or not.

    In the end, I like what warrior tanking is about (smashing shit), but it's just too spammy for me to care. Not enough timing involved.
    Trust me, as someone that mains a prot warrior, rage is not something you ever think about while tanking. You use heroic strike on cooldown. I have inner rage macro'd as well because I use it every time it is available, heroic striking or cleaving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilkforCalde View Post
    Trust me, as someone that mains a prot warrior, rage is not something you ever think about while tanking. You use heroic strike on cooldown. I have inner rage macro'd as well because I use it every time it is available, heroic striking or cleaving.
    Honestly, I'll be fair in saying that I never raided as one, it was mostly from my experiences solo'ing. I use to be fine with rage by myself, but had to take the macro's out with 4.0 hit because I was just burning my rage too much.

    I could see from the damage a boss deals that rage isn't a huge issue, but it still bothers me.

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    Personally I've only tanked with Paladin, Warrior and Death Knight at maximum level, but my favourite out of those is the Warrior. The reasoning behind that is that Warriors have a lot of abilities I would label as fun; Charge, Intercept, Heroic Leap, Shockwave et cetera. All of those are both fun and extremely useful. Death Knights come in at a solid second place, though.
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    MoP seems to have pretty nifty stuff for DK's, for example getting diseases rolling faster with the pestilence trigger by blood boil which in turn increases survivability.

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    I have all 4 lvl 85 and as far as my favorite would have to go with Warrior. The name says it all "warrior." It has so much to do and alot of CD's to keep you interested with an abundance of skills for any situation. Secondly would have to go with DK, I like the play style of a DK and compared to the other two classes is easier to gear etc.

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    I thought you were asking which tank I like best as my partner. >.>
    It that case it'd be a pally.

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    Raiding on all four actively, and i must say that warriors is in overall the more fun one to play. Even tho, they all have their moments

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    Warrior > Druid >>> DK > Pally

    Simply because when I tank I like to mash as much stuff as quickly as I can, kind of like a coordinated faceroll. You cant really do that with a dk or a pally.

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    DK = Pally > Warrior > Druid

    Something like that, it kind of depends on what mood I'm in. All are alright in their own way, well druid is kind of boring in my opinon, but DK and pally are my favorite.

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    Warr = Druid > DK >= Paladin
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    why isnt monk on the list???

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    I've tanked with death knight, warrior, and paladin. Death knight is the most engaging, with planning out abilities and lots of cooldowns to time. Paladins have the best raid utility with hands, lay on hands, and divine guardian, and though the rotation is more mechanical I don't really mind because you have some interesting choices for spending holy power and timing cooldowns. Warriors have the best control tools and the movement abilities are awesome, but I always feel desperately under-prepared when it comes to cooldowns.

    A shorter cooldown on shield wall than the others is nice but with nothing spanning the gap between the 30 second cooldown on shield block and the 2 minute cooldown on shield wall and enraged regeneration having a long cooldown and frankly not being very powerful, I'm often looking for a small-to-medium power cooldown or self-heal that I just don't have. Paladins have divine protection every 1 minute and word of glory every 20 seconds in addition to holy shield, and DKs have rune tap every 30 seconds (or more if you proc wotn), bone shield and vampiric blood every 1 minute, and dancing rune weapon every 90 seconds. They may not be as strong individually as shield wall, but they're still something that makes you feel like you're doing more than DPSing and keeping up debuffs most of the time.

    If ardent defender matches up with last stand (I generally use them in the same situation, when I think I'm likely to die rather than just to reduce a big hit of something and they have the same cooldown) and holy shield with shield block, that leaves paladins with WOG, divine protection (or the glyphed version, which is great), and lay on hands. A shorter cooldown on shield wall and an unimpressive HOT from enraged regen does not nearly make up the difference unless there happens to be a situation in which the 2 minute shield wall will save you but the other cooldowns a paladin has wouldn't. DKs are even farther removed, as in addition to the multiple short-cooldown abilities they get unique ones like death pact, lichborne deathcoil heals, the army of the dead channel, and empower rune weapon for 2 extra death strikes.

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    Which class is your favorite to tank with? The one I main, duh . So little druid love in here too, must be those druids who never ever leave bear form that find it boring.
    Druid>Warrior>DK>that class I don't tank with.
    Warrior has the most boring job if just straight-up tanking a boss. It gets more interesting if you jump and charge around everywhere, and shockwave is a fun button to push, but that's it.
    As for druid, who doesn't want to top them deeps charts while tanking rag or beth? Hell, I would have ranked as a kitty druid last time I tanked rag . Also, BH pugs are guaranteed successes as a tank druid, given how absurd swipe spam is.

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    Even though my main is a pally and has been for 6 years, I am really loving my warrior alt. I'm sorry, but charge/intercept/heroic leap is just too much fun. If there is 1 ability I want on my pally, its charge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KatamariKarnage View Post
    I have tanked with all 4 above level 80 and have to say DK > War >= Bear > Paladin. But that's just me
    I also have four.

    In terms of difficulty, I find its Paladin > Bear> DK > Warrior, warrior being the hardest (still easy, just harder)
    In terms of fun, Paladin > DK > Bear > Warrior

    Just my opinion btw and I might be biased since I've played a prot paladin for about 3 years now.
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    Dk was and always will be my favorite tank. Do love the amount of "self heals" death strike has.

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    Warrior > Paladin > Death Knight > Druid. I like warriors a lot and my druid is only level 23.

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    Prefer my warrior over DK.

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    I've raided as a pally tank... love the defensive 'oh shit' options, but it's a bit boring really. Levelling a warrior now, and it's too early to tell, but seems like it will wind up pretty fun, with maybe less room for error than the paladin.

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