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    5 weeks of valor caps? IMPOSSIBLE.
    Tier 11 and, I dunno, the next level of content would like to have a word with you.
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    My point was CURRENTLY as we can only speculate using CURRENT mechanics and limitations. 2P T12 is more or less baseline because there is no reason not to have it doing even the most minimal of end-game group PvE participation (heroic grinding) every week and someone who's not even bothered to cap themselves every week wouldn't even care about this level of min-maxing to begin with.

    For all intensive purposes, Imp. MB could be removed as a talent all together in 4.3 we have no way of knowing either way. So bringing up T13 is moot. And T11 is equally moot being in the past.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unholytestament
    You would think that after all these years people would have realized that the people at Blizzard aren't sorcerors and are hindered by technology just like the rest of us mortals.
    Quote Originally Posted by stormcall
    I will never understand why so many people who quit can't just QUIT and move on, and instead feel the need to come tell everyone about it, as if they just won the $100 million jackpot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyra View Post
    I think Silence will remain in game, possibly available to all specs of Priests, but will most likely be only available to Shadow. Psychic Horror (if it remains in game) will certainly remain Shadow. Only Purple Priests are scary enough to make even the most battle hardened, mouth frothing, whirlwind of steel that is a Warrior drop his weapon, while rooted to the spot pissing his plate pants with horror. We must remind them of a bad experience with a nun while at Warcraft school.

    Though, we are getting an additional CC from the first tier no matter what we choose. So maybe one will be removed from our roster. Maybe Shackle Undead

    Thanks alot for this lovely comment! You just made my morning

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