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    does minecraft have a story or background?

    i mean, i'm intrigued by the game, and i'd love to give it a try, but i only play singleplayer (except WoW, and even that i treat like a singleplayer game with good (and sometimes bad) AI). and if i play a singleplayer game, i prefer to have a storyline or at least a final goal that's placed there by the game rules. and i'm not talking about having a house made out of diamonds or something like that, because that's more like a personal goal.

    so is there some endgoal to minecraft or a storyline, something that tells me "you beat the game"? maybe something that was added by the adventure update?
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    The adventure update havent been released fully yet more stuff to come and no there is no goal i guess when the game is released there might be a goal with a working leveling system and maybe they will get quests in i dunno its just basicly a sandbox now.

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    The thing about Minecraft is that the game revolves around you setting your own goals. When you load up a new world, there isn't any quest to destroy all evil or stop the demon lord from taking over (outside of mods, that is). When entering the world, the only thing to do is to give yourself an idea of what would be great and fun and to pursue that to how you like. If you do not intend on taking part of a multiplayer server, then most of what you do will revolve around how you play this sandbox game, and less of what the game tells you to do.

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    problem is that if i don't have a goal, i end up wandering around aimlessly. and i have ABSOLUTELY no idea on what exactly is or isn't possible in minecraft, so that's not a big help either. in fact, i think Jesse Cox, Meeuwes (?) and the rest of the Minecraft RPGMakers would be my best bet if i wanted to play it.
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    Your character wakes up with amnesia on a strange land, without knowing how he arrived there. "Better go punch some trees" you think.

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    I think you are thinking to widely... It's a sandbox game. Your goals should be how to make a new awesome thing. For instance a big castle... Dont make it the standard lay-out, Give it a nice touch of yours. Make it in your style. And if your done with that... Think of making something new again. Offcourse there is always the survival mode in wich you have to fight of mobs that try to take you down to your grave and the endless search for minerals. If you dont like mining for your blocks then you should do creative mode... Hope this helps you and good luck!

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    Alternatively, try the Tale of Kingdoms mod for a bit of story-based Minecrafting
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    To mine to the Earth's core? Maybe your some guy that lost his memory, and he's super strong and can chop trees with his hand >.<

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    If you're looking for a longterm, "game-ending" goal, I'd suggest going and downloading some Minecraft Beta maps. Those typically have goals to complete. I would mostly suggest the Super Hostile series by Vechs, as they're some of the most wild and (occasionally) difficult maps I've ever experienced, therefore the must fun, and they have clear goals.

    Minecraft itself... well... no. It's a sandbox.

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    you best bet is to go to the forums and check out the [CTM] type maps these maps are titled as Complete the Monument maps basically hidden around the map are 12-16 wool/blocks and you have to find it and bring it back to the monument, only when you have them all do you "win" the map.

    standard creating world from new map has no storyline and the adventure update is designed to give you some more things to do in the sandbox of minecraft but no "story" if your thinking elder scrolls style open world story.

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    This is literally like asking "What's the story behind this huge box of randomly assorted Lego's?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warwithin View Post
    This is literally like asking "What's the story behind this huge box of randomly assorted Lego's?"
    depends on the legos.. some happen to be "Build this star wars ship" :P

    Essentially minecraft will be a huge modders resource. People will no doubt make their own RPG's out of them like in the kingdoms mod posted above.

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    My first world was a frantic attempt to survive morphing into simple tests of limitations(how far up/down can I build, how far that way can I go, and what if I tried to build a waterfall in my house!). As my grasp of the game grew, I lost interest in all the worlds I had at the time. I wanted to make something amazing and needed the canvas to call out to me. So I piddled about in various seeds but mostly explored and tested out concepts until I found my muse.

    So now I have a main world that I'm transforming with my masterplan. For down time I have hardcore survival maps. I love these. I'm always on the hunt for more extreme conditions to pit myself against. They help me appreciate my permanent map.

    Sometimes I'll take a week or two off from the game, but I always come back to it. Its like any other creative outlet to me-just like doodling in the margins of my reports at work or writing that novel that's gonna make me famous

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