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    Addons & Macros, the final word?

    So with all the back and forth about this, I'm not really 100% sure what is happening with addons in TOR.

    I know that they have said that there won't be addons and macros at launch, but that's about it for certain.

    So what's the deal? Are we actually going to see addons or macros in TOR at some point? Are they working on this or not?

    This is not a discussion on if you believe there should be, I'm not interested in that and it's been posted time and again by everyone, I just want a clear specific answer of if there will be addons or macros or not.

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    Seeing as we haven't even gotten to the "at launch" point, we really have no idea.
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    Well my question was more - is there something I've missed somewhere? I'm certain I've missed quite a few things about TOR, so I was just wondering if I had all the information here because it was quite a while since this was mentioned.

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    Closing like the other threads on this because regardless of your intentions Raeli, that's exactly what the thread will become.

    We'll see what happens closer to, and after launch.

    Let's be clear about this: When we say 'probably not at launch', that isn't any indication that we are for or against addons, it's just a statement that they are unlikely to be in the feature set at launch.
    “What we’ve said is, regarding the question ‘Will there be addons at launch’ is “no, not at launch”.

    This statement indicates nothing more than that there will not be addons at launch. Nothing more, nothing less.”
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