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    Will you be inviting Pandas into raids?

    I have heard that alot of players wont be allowing Pandaren players to join their raid pugs /groups /guilds just to express they hatred (defiance) againt this expansion.How about you?

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    What a retarded Idea, I hope these people are punished.

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    this is how nazism started :S

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    Think they deserve a bann.

    Panda's are pretty cool. Players cry at something not yet implented makes me a

    Sad panda...
    (ty catcleopatra for the awesome .gif!)
    My blood Death Knight

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    My alt guild says it all, Pandas United

    You not a panda, your not welcome .... jk

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    You "heard" this did you? Don't lie. Go troll somewhere else.

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    IMO their racials seem pretty helpful in raids. Bouncy will be nice for any bosses that may toss people up in the air, or drop them from the air, such as Kael'thas.
    And then the double food buffs? Nice.

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    Those are the kind of raid pugs/groups/guilds you don't want to be joining either way.

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    lol ... that's, what I call prototype of immaturity ...
    "Ubi sementem feceris, ita mettes."

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    Well, we really need that one last healer but there's only this panda online... Sorry guys, raid's been cancelled for the day.

    Wait, wut?

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    No, because as a worgen i want to get all the belly rubs...

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    It will never happen.

    People pitched a bitch fit about worgen and draenei (space gypsies), but last I checked they were in raids. Besides, if the bads who hate MoP actually are good on their word they'll have quit anyway.

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    Well if they don't want pandas, I would love to take my fellow (at the time) pandarens in. I'm re rolling Pandaren Monk and TBH as an officer and raid leader of my guild of 5 years, I don't think we are gonna be whiny little kids who rage over one of the most original races implemented in this game.

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    Same thing happened around DKs. Look how that worked out...

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    Why wouldn't I >.< Hopefully Monks will be OP to start so I deff will

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    People said this about belfs and space goats, then about DKs. Guess what, no one really cares.

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    im sorry but this consept is more childish and immature than ppl think the intirity of MoP is

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    I seem to remember similar threads about Worgen. And previously about Blood-elves.
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    Not a single person who has any control over a raid group has seriously said this.

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    You would be foolish to deny someone a spot because of their race. Deny them because they are bad, a jerk, or flaky, but race? Pretty dumb.

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