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    Of course. Stupid thing for people to say. They are just trolling and using the MoP announcement to get themselves a little attention.

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    Their food buff seems pretty good. Plus they're just another race. See no reason not to.

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    what an immature and ridiculous idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderdragon2 View Post
    im sorry but this consept is more childish and immature than ppl think the intirity of MoP is
    That's basically how its been; the people whining and moaning like impotent bitches about MoP show staggering less maturity than the 12 year olds they believe the game is targeted for.

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    i want to see some all panda dungeons

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    Yet another reason to stop playing WOW...elitism gone wild since the purples are free now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wojciechu View Post
    I have heard that alot of players wont be allowing Pandaren players to join their raid pugs /groups /guilds just to express they hatred (defiance) againt this expansion.How about you?
    If I was in a forming pug that dismissed someone joining because they're a Pandaren, I would then leave that pug so it takes them even more time to fill the spots.
    Originally Posted by Bashiok
    Is there a term you have for being shown proof and choosing to dismiss it?
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    soooooo they will purchase MoP, and say they hate it by not inviting pandas...

    I guess blizzard will make a ton of money anyways lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmekiel View Post
    Well, we really need that one last healer but there's only this panda online... Sorry guys, raid's been cancelled for the day.

    Wait, wut?
    This is what I'm thinking too.

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    SKILL =/= Race.

    Not inviting a player just because they are a race you don't like is... stupid. I wan't to call it racist, but it's a video game, so I guess it can't be stretched THAT far :P
    But yeah. If a player is skilled, and knows what they are doing, how to play their class, and the encounters... and someone doesn't invite them JUST because they're a Pandaren. It's gonna be that raid's loss.

    Meanwhile I'm gonna raid with as many Pandaren as I can. It will be GLORIOUS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargas View Post
    It will never happen.

    People pitched a bitch fit about worgen and draenei (space gypsies), but last I checked they were in raids. Besides, if the bads who hate MoP actually are good on their word they'll have quit anyway.
    Actually the elitist jerks seem to be the ones that hate Pandas. So they should quit.

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    My favorite part is where they are crippling their fellow players instead of getting back at Blizzard. Sure is logic in here.
    Quote Originally Posted by magnuzze View Post
    considering that TG warriors was here since Vanilla, and DK's got into the World of warcraft in WoTLK... you can say that they have been stealing 2-handed from us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sh0rtbread View Post
    i want to see some all panda dungeons
    Oh, it'll happen. My girlfriend and two of our friends are all going to roll Pandaren Monks after getting our mains to 90, then level by dungeons exclusively. So I'm sure we'll be in quite a few all Pandaren Monk groups.

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    I highly doubt they'd stick by their guns if their best raider went pandaren.

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    I'll only invite pandas if that OP food racial stays as is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canbie View Post
    Actually the elitist jerks seem to be the ones that hate Pandas. So they should quit.
    Actually, it's pretty spread.

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    Bring the player not the race...
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    haha, i love the "i heard this" or "my friend has this problem", lol. Completely ridiculous ideia.

    Lately there have been a lot of topics on mmo that made me laugh a lot, keep them coming!

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    yeah.... I'm going to be inviting pandas because they are fucking amazing. What an immature idea.

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    noone will actually do this. People just like to hate on new stuff, so just wait a couple of weeks and the whole "we hate pandas!" bashing will be over.
    Same thing that happened to forskaken (They dont belong in the horde!!1) and Bloodelves (Elves? In the Horde? Lets ban them!!1)

    Actually the elitist jerks seem to be the ones that hate Pandas
    I also heard that elitist are poisining wells
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