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    I'm all of the sudden craving some pumpkin pie, not sure why though...

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    Alderaan's the reason I'll probably get banned from SW:ToR anyway, or at least muted.

    My first 5 minutes in Alderann:

    "People of Alderann! Hear my message! The portents of the future have been brought to me by the holy messenger, 20th Century Fox! This mysterious being has revealed to me that in the distant future, your planet will be destroyed by a giant testicle! This moon sized genital space station will be helmed by a nefarious man, a man who somehow manages to bone the Queen of Naboo, and then adds insult to injury by praising her "strong mind." The daughter of this man will grow up to one day hack his computer and steal some files. In his rage and desire to seek out and murder her friends for this act, he will use this testicle to destroy your planet! Don't fret however, for those that don't leave the planet in time, your revenge will come at the hands of his son, that totally kissed his sister! He will blow up this giant testicle, and go on to one day kill his father (well, cut his hand off, but he dies eventually, and the whole hand thing was just returning the favor.)"

    <Entire planet begins laughing>

    "You have been warned!"

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    this thread=win

    lmao awesome pic
    ''If MMORPG players were around when God said, "Let their be light" they'd have called the light gay, and plunged the universe back into darkness by squatting their nutsacks over it.'' Quoted from-

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    Holy crap, that's amazing!
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    WWWOOOWWW so nice !!!

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