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    getting PvE gear?

    ok so idk if this is the right area for this post but can any1 help me? im geared for PvP i have over half of my S10 gear now but i wana start raiding but i am having a hard time with getting gear. every1 says i need PvE gear but how can u tell if the PvE gear thats dropping is actually good? you know wat i mean PvP gear has such high stats and is diff then PvE so plz some1 help, how do u tell if that piece of PvE is good enough or not to start raiding

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    Let's start off simple, what class do you play?

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    The important thing is the stats weight... when you use pvp gear, you are losing secondary stats (as the pvp piece has resilience on it)... so you have to read some forums and learn the stat weight for your class...

    That way you can do the math and decide whether is better the pvp piece (higher primary stat) or the pve piece (lower primary stat but a lot of a secondary stat that maybe overweights the pvp piece primary stat).

    PS: I don't know if I expressed myself clearly enough, sorry English is not my first language.
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    still not to sure what ur trying to say.... so bassicaly is it has around the same stats but instead of resil is has like idk strength it would be better

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    Hmm kind of, let's see, you say you play a warrior, the primary stat for a warrior is STR, I am not sure which is the best secondary stat, but I will give imaginary numbers...

    Let's say the stats weights are:
    STR = 1.50
    Crit = 1.00

    So, the pvp piece gives you 25 more STR than the pve piece, but the pve piece althoug having less STR gives you 100 CRIT (instead of resilience)... So, doing the math, the gains are:

    PVP piece: 25(extra str) x 1.50 = 37.50 final gain
    PVE piece: 100(extra crit) x 1.00 = 100 final gain

    So basically you need to know the actual stats weights for your class and then compare which piece is better for you dps-wise
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    ok thanks that helped lol and how do you sugest i find out what all my stat weights are?

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    I'm sure you can find some good guides in the warrior section. Also there are class-specialized sites or top-guilds forums which have lots of information.

    The best tip I can give you is to not stick with one guide only... read as many guides as you can, compare their contents and don't just do what they say you should do, but also try to understand why you should do it.

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    You gotta be kidding me...
    Ecce homo ergo elk

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    You will probably be able to find a little more specific help in the warrior forum so let's move this there. The best advice for any forum is generally to read the stickies at the top first to see if that answers your questions and then go from there.

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