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    Question about 4.3 Dungeon and Raids release

    I remember when 4.1 got released we were all expecting Firelands along with the "Rise Of The Zandalari Dungeons" but instead blizzard decided to release the dungeons first and the raid later unlike what they did back in ICC where they released a major patch containing the 3 new dungeons (FoS/PoS/HoR) with the ICC raid, and they said they were going to adopt that method more regularly when incoming content has raid(s) and dungeon(s) (don't remember where i read it but I'm pretty sure they did say that)... and now to the question, any news on wether or not the new dungeons (ET/WoE/HoT) will be released WITH the Dragon Soul raid or will the content be released like 4.1 and 4.2??
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    They will be released with DS.
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    there is no patch between now and dragon soul that will contain the 5 mans, they come at the same time

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