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    Quote Originally Posted by Karilyn View Post
    The difference between the two is apple and pear. I thought I had a preference for pear panda, but now that I've seen the Tara Jenkin's apple panda, I'm leaning towards the apple. Women place weight on their body in two different ways; men are always apples, but only some women are apples. One of the reasons I was initially leaning towards pear was because I thought it would help more clearly define the difference between males and females for the people who think the sexual dimorphism is a must.

    Pear = Weight goes primarily to the hips, thighs, and butt
    Apple = Weight is fairly evenly distributed around the body, centered on the stomach.
    Women body type come in four shapes, not two. Apple and pear, yes, but also hourglass and banana. Apple shape is actually more top heavy, not evenly distributed, and points downwards in the shape of a triangle. The shoulders are usually wider, where as a pear will have shoulders and hips of the same width.

    I personally prefer the pear body shape for this race overall, I like that these guys are wide and have a new type of body to WoW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankennoob View Post
    Why not?

    I know the claim is, "Nobody likes them and nobody plays them." But if you try to post that on the Blizzard forums the thread will be buried in posts by female Dwarfs making the claim look silly.
    Speaking of strawman arguments!

    According to WoW Census, the most-played class is Paladin, followed by Druid.

    If you were Horde until Cata, your only option was Blood Elf for Paladin. If you were Alliance, your only choice for Druid was Night Elf.

    Alliance-side, it was between Dwarves, Humans, and Draenei, with humans offering quite a bit more "bang for the buck" by way of racials. Gun specialization on a Pally?

    As it stands, Draenei rank at 7% total played, only a bit ahead of Dwarves, at 5%.

    I somehow doubt the validity of the claim they are more-played solely because of appearance.

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    How about the existence of Pandaren. I see what you all have pointed out on their body health wise but honestly that looks out of shape. How can they be a rogue a warrior? logistically they would be slowed down easy to see and kill. I happen to not like the pandaren because if you look at all the races, the pandaren are just a joke. They don't belong on horde at least. But the way that some gear looks on the female panda is just disgusting by far, i can not stand to see someone trying to make their panda look "sexy" i feel as if i had been forced to see something i wish i never would of seen. I can not eat and play wow but i have started to and seeing a half naked pandaren just i don't want to eat anymore. There should be limits on the pandas making it so they can't be a death knight wasn't enough. They have an ability like female humans to look nasty but with female humans you have to just accept as gross but pandaren is just horrible. Blizz did not hold back with the effect of the fat rolls and to say that they look fit and healthy is just way out there. They don't look healthy especially male ones. I think pandas should not have the option to force some people into seeing something that is like a prank photo of some gross lady. I think maybe they should of gone for fit and healthy with this one. I wish it never happened.

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    Your first post and you necro a 2 year old thread?

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    Closing due to necro.

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