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    Solo Rage Winterchill (problem)

    Hello Druids from all side (Alliance/Horde),

    I have a slight problem. I have been watching some threads recently concerning soloing old raids (amazed by the ability of Braindwen/Williee) and decided to give it a try. Since I have been living in the United-States for some time (when I created my account) but moved since in Europe I am not able to raid and my gear is mainly coming from grinding rep or running dungeons (heroics) to get some JP/VP (although the amount of VP is raising slowly the last weeks).

    I tried succesfully soloing some level60 raids (with help on the first boss of BWL) and the first few level70 raids. I am however stuck right now as I am not able to pass the first boss of Mount Hyjal. Basically I am getting stuck again and again in ice and get some heavy damage. I keep stampeded and my PvP trinket for in case he is casting Death&Decay while encasted but all in all my life is going low pretty fast.

    Can you please check my armory (I cant post links apparently so my character name is Éléane on Farstriders server) and let me know if I missed something or if I have to wait getting better gear (Tier12 via VP or waiting patch 4.3 since I already mentioned I am not raiding) or let me know what would be better level to solo for my gear.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I dont use a pvp trinket as dash/stampeding should be enough. It is only rng based if he roots you then dnds. It might help you a lot if you download old content dbm because it tells you the cd on his DND so you can already begin running and jumping as you have air time even if rooted mid air hehe.
    You can stampeding first, heal. Then dash for 2nd root and dnd. If your roar isnt up by the 3rd time your stuck in dnd, have barkskin or survival instinct for them. Not sure if they work but it makes me feel safer lol.
    If u constanty get rooted in dnd, its pretty bad rng imo. Make sure you run out of the dnd asap, graphic is smallr then the actual size. SO run out a lot further then you normally do.

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    it's actually really easy. kite him to the alliance town, kill him in Kitty, when he starts to cast DnD run really far away and HoT yourself, then back into cat. by the time he finishes casting you'll be at 100%. save your SR/Dash or Barkskin/SI for the root/DnD combo. it's super easy though, just run much further away during DnD to allow your HoTs to top you off.

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    Get WotLK frost resist set. Last time I solo'd him, I merely switched out wrist enchant to 70 frost, and got Prismatic Elixer. I will say that this boss constant stun is extremely annoying and dangerous, not the root. The root breaks once you take around 3k damage, which is a melee attack. The stun doesnt break, and its used about every 5 secs with a 3 sec duration. I would say that, with a frost resist set, you can resist the majority of the stuns.
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    Thank you all for the answers. I will give it a try later on today and let you know.


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    DPS spec fully. DPS gear on fully.

    KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE alot, keeps bleeds up. Every-time you get healing touch proc use it if needet.

    Be ready and forsee the DND.

    Its really not hard, once you realiese the tactics. One of the easiere bosses to solo, once you get it. Was in same problems as you, didnt think one could solo it.

    For your reference:

    You can do 2/4 VOA.

    You can do 10 bosses in naxx10 (People have done Patchwerk, fuss next one after also ofcourse solo, but patchwerk is tough).

    Out of thoes 10 its really only 4H I would say is anyting hard. But then again, its also very easy once tactics are known. Start of Sithlek, the white horsemen or some, nuke him>when the other 2 melee horsemens are at you go bearform>You still got 15 secs atleast left of beserker so nuke more and pop all CD's>once Sithlek is down go to purple or w/e coulour>kill off Thane (Time to pop your 2nd AGI pot at this time, you ofc pre-pot), then Baron> Once Thane or Baron is down you can pop first pop your last stand and get some healing back, NEVER before. Now your only 1 to go, so pop out after last stand>trang>continue dps.

    For other bossers in general in naxx: You can go kitty on alot of them. I have enjoyed making new records alot lately on bosses I solo. Killing dance boss fast enough, so you only haft to dance ONE time etc. I did the bosses I listed in about 1:05 hour now from entering raid.

    You can do FL (Dies in about 35-40 secs), Ignis (Get adds into fire once 5-6 adds with all CD's.. all thats is to it, then get em down in water when they molten), XT, BUURN heart. Like really nuke it, first heart should almost die, so you unlock Heroic-mode almost. On first quake use last stand btw. Then rince and repeat with CDs (Barkskin on 2nd). Charge into bombs/kill em, so adds dies to. Kologarn after XT is faceroll, just enjoy it.. really easy.

    You can do more bosses after thoes aswell, but it gets hard and time consuming. Try naxx for starters, fun to solo. Mount'hyjal is really booring and easy. Thoes trash waves just keeps going.. You cant do MH after than 1 hour excact. You can maybe push it down to 50-55 mins.

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    You can also get a couple of Living Action Potions, for the purpose of the rage winterchill fight they work like trinkets (though only one per fight).
    Seeing as DnD damage is based on your max health having less gear shouldn't make it much harder to survive.

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