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    Druid Transmog

    Is it just me or does Druid transmog options seem very bleak? None of our tier sets are really appealing and mix and matching with rogue gear feels odd :/ So has anyone seen a set that looks really good because i'm honestly out of ideas :?

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    Well I agree that most of our sets looks the same, with wood leaves and mushrooms, but we have a some of cute options in my opinion.

    Personally I just love the T11+the membrane of C'thun (black ice fits it perfectly), the Valorous dreamwalker set with the ranseur of hatred and someone might like the T12.

    Other than that, yeah I really don't like at all anything else :P

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    Yeah I like T11 but i've just used it and don't feel like using it xD Same with T12, however the only thing I like how about T12 is the volcano shoulders, not having a robe on a druid feels weird.

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    I asked this a couple of days ago too this was a few druid responces mmo-champion .com/threads/1002683-Anyone-else-starting-to-notice

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    Yeah but that doesn't really answer my question :/

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    I really like Stormrage for some reason (I know a lot of people hate it)

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    here is my c/p post on some sooner topic, hope it helps:

    [i cant post links so they are changed via backspaces]

    This is what my druid was wearing in cities (i don't play anymore):

    http : //img823.imageshack. us/img823/6926/47505098. png

    two more pics with casting animation and one with matching mount with same eye glow and body colours (:

    http : //img221.imageshack. us/img221/4254/67359685. png

    http : //img607.imageshack. us/img607/2779/49867305. png

    I like it cause it is very druid-ishy and pretty but at the same time badass (that helm) and fun cause of animated shoulders and ofc moving kawaii octopus, and it all gets very well together with not more than 2 parts being from the same instance and not more then 1 part from the same set (:

    So if you dont have idea for your druid (parts are really easy to obtain):

    Head: T9
    Shoulders: T5 (but i think they are PVP, PVE have ugly red flowers, or im wrong)
    Chest: from BWL with Malorne in its name (there was some nice lvl30-50 blue chest with "garden" in its name also)
    Waist: not on the picture but i think i used epic ICC one (from 2nd boss?)
    Legs: T4
    Foot: nothing
    Gloves: T2 (?)
    Staff: Kara from illhoof with Agility enchant
    Bracers: dont remember

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tingey View Post
    I really like Stormrage for some reason (I know a lot of people hate it)
    I like it!

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    this is what im doing

    *image too large*
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    I like it but it doesn't bring out the wowz i'm looking for :/

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    I truly like a few sets we got.

    Moonglade's, from TBC dungeons, and its red coloured PvP version. I think they look rather nice and do not have a lot of animal stuff added to them if you do not like it.

    Arena S1, if you have it, I think it is a very good looking one. That, and T4, are amongst my favourites.

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    Yeah I actually quite like the moonglade's set.

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    In my opinion, druids got the best looking set of all time: T4

    I'll use this for Resto/Moonkin:

    And if you wanna be a badass feral:
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    Really? I've collected full T1, T2, D2 recolor and T7. Granted T7 looks like crap on everyone but trolls, but...

    There are some really cool recolors of rogue tiers though, if you like their stuff (but for obvious reasons can't transmogrify to the original colors). In fact, a lot of TBC non-set dungeon and raid gear are all vanilla recolors, so there are quite a few different recolors out there for grabs. I'm quite fond of the blue and black Bloodfangs myself, both available in TBC content (one in raids, one in dungeons).

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    My 3 choices are:

    1) Tier 10 + Trauma (basically what i have left from wotlk)
    2) Tier 5 + Pillar of Ferocity
    3) Tier 6 + Origin of Nightmares

    I had this weird idea of mixing as much tiers as i could...but the result was....meh, I will probably go for the option number 2 if I don't come up with something cooler.

    Edit: Forgot to add Tier 1 + Draenic Wildstaff

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    Personally, I'll be going with T6. ^_^

    I'm also really kind-of looking forward to seeing what the transmog-specific pieces that come from challenge modes will look like.
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    I'll be using T4 shoulders and helm with T1 chest (cause I like robes) and some quest gloves from a quest in stonetalon and the t4 matching belt from Kara, no boots cause I cant see tham . If I have a staff I'll be using terroks shadowquill (i think thats the name) and I havent decided on a mace/dagger and offhand combo yet.

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    IMO, we've got pretty good sets. I personally don't really find any of them ''ugly'', just ''average'' at worst.

    The set that I'll be using:
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    Id have to go with T4 or 6, havent decided on weapon yet though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spa View Post
    IMO, we've got pretty good sets. I personally don't really find any of them ''ugly'', just ''average'' at worst.

    The set that I'll be using:
    Our sets have a lot of detail on them but it doesn't look appealing which is the main problem :/

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