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    So close to finishing off the set! Just the gloves and I'm all done. I had the flame scythe from Firelands and I also had the balance artifact but I prefer the first stage of the legendary staff with beserking illusion

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    nice transmogs.

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    Creepy gravedigger healer. You were warned.

    Sorry for my english!

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    Whats the pieces for this Bully? Awesome transmog!

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    Sorry for late answer. Didn't remember because are old pieces even green ones. Can't see in armory. Hope i log today and can share link.
    Sorry for my english!

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    My resto and balance tmogs

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    How do i upload images to this post? I dont think i have permission however i really want to show you guys my transmog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myntas View Post
    How do i upload images to this post? I dont think i have permission however i really want to show you guys my transmog
    I think you'll have to give us links and put a space somewhere in the link because you don't have enough posts yet.

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    Level 20 atm.
    Sloooooowly leveling to max in order to play a zandalari troll druid once they become available.
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    If you are one of the lucky ones to have First satyr spaulders you can make some pretty wicked transmog

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    My X-Mog

    Commission piece!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alkhan View Post
    Level 20 atm.
    Oh right, you can transmog Classic raid gear at any level now, didn't think of that... damn, that should raise the demand for T3 again. Luckily I already sniped the Rogue and Warrior Helm during MoP.
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    This is what I currently go with, staff almost fit into it
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    Locks good too bad it's horde

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    Some badass boomie transmo!

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