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    I knew there was a reason I held on to my t3 Dreamwalker

    Still the best looking set in the game, perhaps that's why.

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    I really like the Naxx 25 man set. I know its just a rehash but I think it looks very druidic. Unfortunately for us the issue we have with leather is only 2 classes use that armor type so its no surprise we have so few choices to pick from.

    I think we should at least be able to use cloth since some of my fondest memories of my moonkin where in BT wearing mostly cloth gear.

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    I love that off-hand. I remember when I used it during Ulduar when my resto Druid was my main

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    I agree with you. I don't really like any sets besides t2 for druids. Maybe t7 25 man, but other than that it's not the greatest. Oh wells, I kinda like the way our gear looks like now anyways

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    Well, to each their own... what are you looking/hoping for?

    I like green, so I was happy putting together an outfit using some parts of Stormrage and Valorous Dreamwalker shoulders, among other things...

    But then just yesterday I learned that there's a very green 'set' from Sunwell Plateau, which I now have to go for too... I'm not sure which I'd use more...

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    What is that off hand called?

    Edit: NM I found it:}
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    I've made a set from aq40 with a few pieces mixed and matched. I like it, still haven't found weapons to go along with it, though.

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    I love the look of druid gear. I have 2 sets ready to go and I'm working on a 3rd.

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    its a matter of personal taste.
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    Wait, druids wear armor? I have never once seen armor on a bear, cat, moonkin, or tree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenixdown View Post
    Wait, druids wear armor? I have never once seen armor on a bear, cat, moonkin, or tree.
    Tree druids r 4 pee.

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    I'm going t10 for the shoulders. I still miss those things.

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    This is the look I'll hopefully be sporting:

    Head: Cenarion Helm
    Shoulders: Stormrider's Mantle (Heroic) (The only piece I still have to get; this or Passive Resistor Spaulders (Heroic))
    Robe: Vicious Gladiator's Kodohide Robes (Season 9)
    Belt: Lightning Lash
    Gloves: Heavenly Gloves of the Moon
    Boots: Ethereal Footfalls
    Staff: Stanchion of Primal Instinct

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    Just use your fantasy, there's a ton of sets, and no one says it has to be a tier set.

    This is my set.

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    Teir 2.5 with Twisted visage from Ulduar. Bug Dragon Wolf cat away! Kinda like the old armour myself, newer sets are nice but will probably be over used.

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    Tier 6 with Origin of Nightmares, if i'll get it :/.

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    I'll probably use my Genesis armor set, but the problem is the following.

    Me in full Tier 13 gear.

    Me in the same gear transmografied into Genesis armor set.

    Me naked.
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    Em, what? We have several awesome sets. Basically anything from tbc, the Uld set is one of my favorites, if you like the Vanilla sets theres them too. Not to mention Val Dreamwalker.

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