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    Thanks for posting that, razorback.

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    my boomie set. (not final yet)
    will post resto when I rlg in it

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    Awesome, old school simple I like it :3

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    I like it. I would personally get a more green mace but that's just me.
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    This is my transmog, I need a blackish chest, cuz I sold my vicious elite chest which is the rest of the set, it looks good and has a sentimental value cuz vicious was my first pvp season ) but I think it looks nice and thought I'd share though druid transmog seems almost completely pointless cuz we're in form most of the time
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    Still working on it. Any ideas are welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yazgot View Post

    Still working on it. Any ideas are welcome.
    Really nice to see a cohesive set that isn't just Tier or something. The blue is a little different for a Druid (but not for a Troll) as it's kind of a Mageish color, but it still looks good.
    I don't know what the back of that cloak looks like, but maybe work on finding a better-matching piece for that. The white doesn't clash by any means but it's the only huge white thing in the outfit, as opposed to any white details on the other pieces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevaara View Post
    Looks a bit too yellow but otherwise yes :P

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    any suggestions for transmogs in astral form?

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    I've fallen in love with the genesis set so I decided to get it. In the middle is the set I'm wearing now, and on the sides are the sets that I plan to use, the helm that I get first will be the one. (Done BT 4 weeks in a row now, 2 first times MH glaive dropped and 2 last times OH glaive dropped, but no sign of cursed vision of sargeras...... argh). Also trying to get Black Ice to match that set and start using it when patch 5.2 hits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avutu View Post
    I've fallen in love with the genesis set so I decided to get it.
    Never been a power rangers fan...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zolakt View Post
    any suggestions for transmogs in astral form?
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    I like it. I would go for more reddish gloves, though.
    Regen#1804 need NA overwatch friends.

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    well i myself am not a fan of dresses and the alike which are usually the druid sets, so iv gone with my current mog

    suits me just fine i say

    yea...i like lvling what can i say..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Regen View Post

    I like it. I would go for more reddish gloves, though.
    Thanks! Any suggestions? I cannot find any matching reddish gloves.

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