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    Quote Originally Posted by Zor-EL View Post
    i need help with shoulders and chest
    [IMG][/ IMG]
    How about Shadowtooth Trollskin Breastplate for chest and Tusked Shoulderpads for shoulders (both from Zul'Aman)?

    They're green and boney so I think they'll match your Kilt of Immortal Nature. Unfortunately, however, they're not quite the same green.

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    I agree with Droih (page 2) in that Malorne is really sexy. However I might be biased as I loved that set because it was my first complete epic set on any character. Also full T3 is quite nice as well, which makes the Moonglade set look good too. I have full Feralheart which I might use but Ill probably end up changing my mind over and over long before MoP is released

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minze View Post
    I will be using either or

    We liked the same base.But I wanted Gloves and shoulders with more emphasis in the Blue/Yellow combination.
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    I'll probably be using the recolored T2 until I get full T13, then I'm gonna be rockin that. T12 looks so disgusting it's not even funny.

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    Chest won't be seen due to our gildtabard and that's not my nightelf model but standart wowhead ^^
    Still hunting down the gloves...
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    Was total fun...... the lag party on Beta Leveling 01
    Beta test report: The loading bars are working as intended. Screens look smooth and decent drawn.

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    /cast Rebirth

    Ok, my transmog gear is the following, need help to find a chest that better matches the dark green color tho :/

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    T4 + Apostle of Argus for me

    My other option will be T6 with Devotion/ Apostle when I get bored.

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    Just a set i threw together with a few blues and some pvp stuff =)

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    I'm trying to find the waist and feet for this set.

    did they re-implement these or are they still gone?

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    Atm I just use cenarion, have been to lazy to gather another set.

    And with all the damn restrictions on transmogrification, I dunno how much I will bother with it to be honest.
    Going to get nordrassil set for sure though, one of my favorite sets - and silly me deleted it back in TBC so.

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    My set is in my sig!

    I absolutely LOVE the Malorne set, but prefer robes, and t1 robes worked quite well! I wasn't keen on using the Aurastone Hammer simply because its the same model as the heirloom, but I like that it doesn't show power torrent, which woulda thrown off my vibe Still working on a better offhand, but my green ball on a stick works for now XD

    (the gloves are buggy on the armory, the bracers dont show through down by the hands, they're just that beige color, not sure why that's happening)
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    This is what i use and really like,

    (I'm the tauren... Made the other one while in the new heroic )

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    My Feral PvP set

    Trying to look for 'golden boots' tbh but no luck yet xD[COLOR="red"]

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    New and improved version!
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    Until I can get the Normal version of Tier 13 Im going with T11 with Hallion Staff of Forgotten Love and Rippling Flamewrath Drape.

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    That's annoying, I need a few more posts before I can post an image of mine.

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    Probably pretty mainstream but this is how i looked like back in TBC

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    had a good laugh making this up. Random stuff from the ah
    Nelf Druid. Tank/Melee/Feral PVP. Dreadmaul

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