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    Nature's blance bug

    Hi guys,

    Someone write this bnet class forum:
    "Moonfire appears to refresh and continues to tick when the target it hit by Lunar Strike, but Sunfire is not refreshed by Solar Wrath. The debuff icon shows an increased duration, but it will fall off the target with time still remaining. e.g. Sunfire cast, 15s ticks, cast Solar Wrath, ticks back up, repeat until 15s pass, Sunfire will show 11s remaining, but will fall off the target."

    And yes, i tested, and bugged.

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    It does indeed feel bugged. I was so upset during our raid after the patch, that my dps was so freaking hard to keep up, but realized during the raid that I had to constantly refresh Sunfire, and got my dps up a bit again. Do not recall reading about any changes to this talent, but I might be wrong(and reading the tooltip again didn't help clarify it, as I don't remember if it said anything different about the numbers before the patch). I concider it a bug too.
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