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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollhammer View Post

    Mah Druid.
    PERFECT! I will copy this for my feral gear What are those legs? The rest I can identify.

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    Mah Druid.[/QUOTE]
    What chest is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthoxxx View Post
    PERFECT! I will copy this for my feral gear What are those legs? The rest I can identify.
    You are in luck, because they're very easy to get (assuming you're revered with Sons of Hodir): Giant-Friend Kilt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noson View Post
    Mah Druid.
    What chest is that?[/QUOTE]

    Chest is from Heroic ZA

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    Druid t11 + Black ice
    Resto druid @ Shadowsong EU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthoxxx View Post
    What chest is that?
    Chest is from Heroic ZA[/QUOTE]

    I brought the chest from the TBC Justice vendor. Legs are from Sons of Hodir.

    I replaced the polearm with the

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    Really like T1, T4 and T6!
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    I think heroic T11 is the best, then followed by T4 (regardless of being a vest). Often times our sets are 'too earthy' as you can see from all of the tiers (Mainly 1,2,4,5,6,8,9,10). I think heroic T13 is nice, although it reminds me a lot of deepholm.

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    Im new so i cant post any links or anything. I REALLY like the set in reply #473, any chance someone could tell which items are used?

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    i like some of the non-tier and tier-recolor options.

    my Worgen (resto) is in wearing the jinxed hoodoo rode, with green shoulders/gloves/and boots and the Antlers from Druid helm quest.

    my Night Elf (guardian) is in Blue Glyphed Armor (a green quality leather set) and it matches his hair and skin beautifully.

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    By jjandris22 at 2012-09-05

    Just reactivated account, I knew I kept all that old gear for a reason.
    Love sporting the ole' Pineapple on a Stick again.

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    Could use some opinions here. These shoulders just dropped after like 60 grueling runs but I can't decide between these and the ones I previously had -

    My previous mog -
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    None of my transmog sets are original, but this is what I'm using right now.

    Rogue T8 offset to the left, with Twilight's hammer and Ledger of Revolting Rituals (410).

    Druid T8 offset to the right, with Rapture and T8 (219) helm and gloves (still missing gloves and hate how extremely yellow the offset helm is).

    Tabard doesn't really fit to the druid set, but I payed a lot of money for it so I'm insisting on using it!
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    That's a good looking transmog set! I need to get that mace.

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    merciless/brutal glad set
    nothing fancy, prolly gonna get black ice for polearm, because it looks pimp

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    to the original poster, as a troll druid i kinda feel as an outsider looking at the druid gears. IMO t1 for nelfs, t2 for taurens, t4 nelf, t5 nelf, t6 tauren, t7 neither, t8 nelf, t9ally is just gay- t9horde is boring as hell, t10tauren, and from cata, the t11, t12 and t13 seems something that finally "unisex". but still there is no a troll like or worgen like tier yet. the rest of the agi gear is just some rogue tier recolor. i think the most i like would be the dungeon 3 set aka wastewalker for druids, its simple and feralish, by that i mean its not full of shrooms and flowers (thats more like resto), + u can get the belt-bracer-boots for them from the dungeons u farm for the set pieces

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    Quote Originally Posted by Groran View Post
    Im new so i cant post any links or anything. I REALLY like the set in reply #473, any chance someone could tell which items are used?
    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodrayne of Lothar View Post
    This is what i use on my bear its the only spec i play on him, its a mix of 2 sets that blended well together.

    This one, you mean?

    I'll try - recognise some of the items, but others I'm not sure of.
    Shoulders -
    Head - (not sure exactly which version of the head piece they used - the colours are all quite similar).
    Chest looks like (is a robe, I think, if not are legs that match it).
    Boots - look like they're part of the same 'set' as the chest, but I'm not sure -
    Gloves -
    Staff -
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    Quote Originally Posted by cringleburt fistybuns View Post
    nice leathery feral look
    awesomely rugged lookin set fella, its wotlk crafted stuff right?? apart from the head?

    btw i love the leaf covering your dignity lal

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    I like my transmog okay. Armory link inside signature. Missing the off-hand of choice - would be Cosmos from Algalon. Will get soon.
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