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    Current transmog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferledon View Post
    I've really fallen for this Mog set on my druid*
    Helm - Sorka's Nightshade Helm
    Shoulders - Living Wood Shoulders (Mythic-Druid Tier)
    Chest - Vest of Forceful Fury
    Hands - Fel-Treated Gauntlets
    Waist - Conductors Multi-pocket Girdle
    Legs - Leggings of the Empty Throne
    Feet - Sentinel's eternal refuge (legendary BoE)
    Cloak - Dreadlord's Tattered Wingcover
    & Shards of Azzinoth for daggers.

    I love the beetle wings the most!!!
    really nice transmog you got there , shame i dont play a druid otherwise i would get that

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    Bad res i know, wrong boots on the pic

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    Worgen form

    Human form

    Quote Originally Posted by Stormwind Guard
    Have you seen those Zandalari? They’ve got upright trolls. Upright. Trolls.

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    Hands, Legs, Belt and Shoulders: Season 14/15 pvp set (MoP).
    Feet: Meadowstomper Boots (BoE).
    Chest: Chestpiece of Suspicion (LK Nax).
    Head: Malefic Mask of the Shadows (Gruul's Lair).
    Daggers for Feral: Molten Edge Eviscerator (heroic Black Rock Foundry).
    Fist for Guardian: The Bladefist (heroic Highmaul).

    Matches nicely for blue kitty/bear.

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    HEAD: Netherfiend Headgear
    SHOULDERS: Shouldpads of the stranger
    CHEST: Tunic of the limber stalker
    HANDS: Gloves of fast reactions
    WAIST: Cerulean Shadowfade belt
    LEGS: Leggings of Swift Reflexs
    FEET: Boots of Effortless Striking
    TABARD: Argussian Reach

    - FIST: Brutal Gladiator's Ripper
    - DAGGER: Dagger of Blazing Radiance (H)
    - STAFF: Malevolence

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    Staff: Deadwood Keeper (Prestige2)
    Tabard: Nightfallen
    Head: Replica Field Marshal's Dragonhide Helmet
    Shoulder: Replica Field Marshal's Dragonhide Spaulders
    Cloak: hidden
    Chest: Replica Field Marshal's Dragonhide Breastplate
    Hand: Replica Marshal's Dragonhide Gauntlets
    Belt: Cerulian Shadowfade Belt
    Legs: Replica Marshal's Dragonhide Legguards
    Boot: Replica Marshal's Dragonhide Boots

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    Here is my Horde themed druid

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    Quote Originally Posted by joltcola1234 View Post

    I basically did each dungeon once - wrote myself out a list and crossed off each dungeon as I ran it. Much more old school then the above solution, but worked like a charm, lol
    Can this be done on normal mode? Or does it have to be HC/mythic

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    This is what I'm currently running as my balance mog:

    Mix of BRF Mythic shoulders, HFC chest, some MoP & Cata pvp gear

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    This is my latest guardian transmog.

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    This is my resto druid set for now, still trying to tinker with it

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    Looks awesome what legs are those ?

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    Tier 19 mythic (Y)

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    since it won't let me post pictures here is a link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amarrite View Post
    since it won't let me post pictures here is a link.
    Link the picture, not the webpage.

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    Can't decide on race for my feral druid!

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    I quite like this set. Gotten a few compliments on it in-game.
    The reports of my death were surprisingly well-sourced and accurate.

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    My feral druid..haven't been playing for some time that is why I don't have the brown versions of boots and helm

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