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    Matrix Shards / Crystals / Whatever they're actually called - what do we know?

    So from my understanding, some Datacrons will award simple stat increases, and others give you an item, a matrix thingy, they can be combined at - somewhere - in various ways to give an equippable item (I think? a Relic?) that also gives a stat increase. From my understanding, depending on the colours you combine, you get different stats. From my understanding, you put 3 together, of Yellow, Blue or ... Red? So for instance, if you put all 3 yellows, you might get an item with pure tanking stats, while one with yellow, yellow, blue might be partial tanking and partial DPS, or something.

    As you can see, my knowledge of this is extremely vague, and I'm not really sure of the details, nor have I been able to find much on them, so I was wondering if anyone else knew more? Cheers.

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    Nothing official yet that I know of. It is definitely something to look into after the nda drops.

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    Is what you said under the NDA? Can you link sources on anything you said?

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    Sorry, but I gotta close this to protect the NDA. It's something we don't know yet, and only NDA breaking answers will be given.

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