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    I visited Tera's site and went to their FAQ about them:

    When I did I was curious about their company Bluehole Studio. They list in text the site to click is but ironically the link takes you to which is a domain name up for sale. You'd think they'd not make that sort of mistake :P.

    Its a Korean company(which makes sense when you see the details on the game).

    Overall, Im not really impressed and will give it a miss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hraklea View Post
    I'm not trying Tera.
    Why? It's the same thing in GW2 too: if you shoot your fireballs in some random direction they likely won't hit anything interesting, so you must aim yourself at the enemy.
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    TERA has horrible female "armor" (which really looks more like something that's supposed to be sexy underwear...).

    And GW2 has dynamic events

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    Quote Originally Posted by GayGirlie View Post
    Why? It's the same thing in GW2 too: if you shoot your fireballs in some random direction they likely won't hit anything interesting, so you must aim yourself at the enemy.
    Actually I think they said that in GW2 you can "lock on" to a target so you shoot where the game thinks its going to be, however, if you aim it yourself you'll probably do better at hitting some especially trixy players in pvp that'll fool the system...
    Quote Originally Posted by draykorinee View Post
    Youre in the mmo forums and you find mmos boring, Im heading on over to the twilight forums to add my unecessary and shallow 2 cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noxiye View Post
    I'm a dude myself, and I only find that kind of thing repulsing, seeing as the characters the race offers are basically kids, by the looks of it, sporting huge tits and clothes fitting for an erotic dancer.

    Forgive me for stating my opinion, but I think the only males attracted by that are either young, or.. well.. borderline pedophiles.
    I just watched a gameplay movie of a female lancer vs some dungeon boss, and she was wearing high heels, bunny ears, had a fluffy tail, and every now and then when doing an attack, she would bend over and give us a nice clean view of her ass.

    No thanks!

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    Guild Wars 2 for me.Nothing will change my mind.
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    Guild wars 2 looks way better imo.

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    Hmm I'll play both. Tera may not be one of the "big ones" but that often means a better community, doesn't it?
    More people means more jerks. Less people means that everyone has to be a little bit less jerky, because the server will remember you. ^^ At least that's what I think.
    Besides I allready have a really friendly 60-man-guild with high activity even now, way before release. =)
    (That has nothing to do with the fact that I'll play GW2 too. ^^ With some other friends of mine.)

    If you can't play both, just play where you've more friends to play with. Even the biggest piece of shit could turn into a marvelous adventure, when you've some friends on your side to rage or laugh about all the ridiculous crap happening. And both games are far from shit imho.
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    Guild Wars 2 because of the PvP and weapon system.

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    Guild Wars 2 has a larger budget and TERA has been having lots of problems lately.

    Iv played TERA while it was fun I think Guild Wars 2 is superior

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    Closing. There's no point in a game vs another game discussion, especially on one of the game's own forum.

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