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    First time posting a transmog.

    Here's my shadow priest


    Any chance for a item list?

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    This is my Zandalari Ahmanet Sam'de. She's been my main since I unlocked the Zandalari AR

    Not sure what to use for a belt though
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    New explorer look!

    Head: Nat's Hat (Lucky Fishing Hat if you have it, I do not)
    Shirt: Rustic Workman's Shirt
    Belt: Jackseed Belt
    Legs: Duskwoven Pants
    Feet: Archaeologist's Quarry Boots

    Main hand: Torch of Austen
    Offhand: Fire Runed Grimoire

    Other slots hidden

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    The idea is simple, this guy realised you can make good money by selling heals and praying to the Light. It glitters like gold for a reason!

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    My priest has undergone many changes over the years I've played. She started off as an undead female in vanilla and I think it was MOP or Wrath that I faction changed to be a female human. I ended up going back to Undead the following expansion and in Legion I ended up doing a gender change to male Undead. Yesterday I going back to female Undead because I loved the new customization they got. Anyway, here's what I look like now. Hidden everything but pants, boots, and shirt. Shirt is the medic first aid one sold in Dalaran. If I could get in game, I'd be able give more details. I'm currently in the "character not found" loop that's going on.

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    That is sick looking. Would look amazing on my revendreth priest . Do you have a item list for it? Tried finding it in wowhead dressing room but found only a couple of pieces.

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    It took me an incredible amount of time to farm the robe.. (years)
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    Have been using T0.5 + Benediction for years and decided to change it up today when I got Barbarous Osteowings from Undying Army. I'm not happy with the helmet having purple on it though.

    keep it posi.

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    List please, this is fantastic

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    My Night Elf Priest tmog :-)

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    I love it!
    It's high noon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vintersol View Post

    I love it!
    me too
    Very nice

    Even the colours do not match 100%,
    it's still Very Nice,
    I think the glasses make it match

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    I'm very proud of this mog as it's the first one I've made where I simply wasn't using a complete set. The goal was some ancient Egyptian look hence your body needing to breath so there's no shirt (it's not a slutmog, not into that) I'm sticking with the staff in the first 2 pics. I also like combining colors whereas most people don't. I wish I could make the gold marks on the body glow from every angle rather than reflect light.

    The priests name + title are also 'Sciens, Seeker of Knowledge' which is basically perfect.
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