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    Quote Originally Posted by psyotik123 View Post
    If we are wearing a mace we wont be able to transmogrify it into a staff will we?
    From the way it reads, probably not~which really sucks when MH/OH is better but I wanna show Benediction or another pretty staff. MH/OH is rarely as pretty as the cooler staves.

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    Agreed, that's why I was asking I have my benediction in the bank and a few other staffs that I really like; but I don't like any maces art. They just aren't flashy enough.

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    Tier 1. Benediction. Blood elf. I use it for all of my screenshot kills anyways.

    But holy hot damn.
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    1>6>5>horde 9>8>7 10-man

    they look awesome on a tauren!!!!!! click on the armor set you want to see and click the "view in 3D"

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    T6 > all, no comparison

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    As a blood elf, I would have to say that I will be switching between mah T6 and mah T8 on a regular basis.

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    T5 all the way...the most priestly looking set of all time. Wings man...WINGS! Everyone will be wearing T6 though, lol.

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    I guess every priest will be wearing t5 / t6. But who cares, it's awesome!

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    If i find good looking shoulders for that one:

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    T6 all the way and maybe T5, T8 is cool as well. But I think this is kinda a bummer, would've liked better if you just could recolor your set. Do you guys think that you can change your pvp set as well? Going to have a bigger impact there.

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    T5 + Immaculate Recovery all the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxi View Post
    I actually like Tier 6 better and Tier 2 better.

    For those of you who need to know:
    tier 2 > tier 6.
    then maybe tier 5 from time to time (if they keep the get it - wear it rule)
    otherwise tier 3 (3, not 7 or 7.5) is boss.

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    My priest will be rocking her full tier 3 with Aetish, if you can do it to weapons.

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    Tier 7 25-man for me I think. Wings and a halo!

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    I'll probably be wearing Warlord's Raiment, the lvl 60 pvp set. I feel like it'll look badass in shadowform :P

    If I wear one of the tiers, it'll probably be t6 or t8. Always liked to look of those sets.

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    I'll most likely start out with my T1 + Benediction, unless I bother to get the whole T6

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    I don't think I'd like to wear a full set, but rather mix up some that match well.

    T4 robe, T5 shoulders, T6 recolored helm. That way I get my 3 favorite tiers in 1! Although this may change once I finished Dragonwrath, then I'll need a set to match my blue staff.
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    I'll deff be using the T6 Helm, T5 Shoulders, and the robe from the first boss in AQ20... Aside from that idk yet.

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    A good option for maces is the one off of Illidan -- Crystal Spire of Karabor !

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