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    I like how everyone has planned it already hehe the patch won't be for months brah
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    I miss my t6 and my Sunwell mace/offhand, but, alas, it looks less cool on my priest now that she's a blood elf then it did when she was still Draenei, and a shadow priest ;p Instead I'll probably throw on my heroic t8 or my badge robe that looked like the mage tier with the slinky midrift ;p

    I'm supremely happy that I can dig out my old stormrage/cenarion set for my druid though. She's been on my old home rp-pvp server for all 6 years of my wow career, and it made me heartbroken when I had to finally had to retire the stormrage chest/skirt and the cenarion helm/shoulders. Even if I never play her, at least she'll be a "Druid of the Wild" again ;p

    As for my shaman... I always did like my t10 best for her, buuut she's a goblin now and less adorable in boob-robes then she was when she was Draenei.

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    For me I'm decided whether to go Tier5 or Tier8, I really like them both.

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    Nothing wrong with being excited and planning ahead

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    Quote Originally Posted by psyotik123 View Post
    So who will not be wearing T5? I have a feeling every priest in the game will be wearing this set.
    Me. T5 shoulders are AWFUL.
    T4 looks better, T8 head looks even better.
    I'm considering some RP gear aswell.
    But seriously, I'm happy with T12 now.

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    t2+benediction for me. but mh+oh is better for disc so i will use my heroic LK mace.
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    Full Tier 6 or Tier 8 every other Tier Set looks just... meh... ^^

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    Tier 5 + tier 7 helm + Benediction.

    That is all.
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    Darn, I wish some one made a poll. Can't repost this in a poll can you?

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    To my understanding you will need to have the item that you want to transmogrify your items to in your bags, or in your possession. If my understanding is correct I want to kick myself because I wish I'd started playing WoW when it began. T3 looked really pretty, and it actually showed status; because not EVERYONE got to have T3!

    Nevertheless, although I wish I could transmogrify my gear into T3, T6 will be my very first option + Staff of the Sin'Dorei off KJ, with Vestmenst of the Virtuous being my second option. Only because its no longer available, and because it took me SO long to get it (those freaking shoulders just would NOT drop for me) + Benediction of course = lemon pie. That T3/T7 helm though looks so awesome as well.

    Ugh idk, so many options. I will probably spend all my gold changing and re-changing my gear every single day. Hello shadow spec, goodbye disc spec; I'm off to solo raids (or maybe two man )

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    I personally look forward to Tier 1 the most. That set was ahead of its time in terms of graphics/looks (the head armour excluded obviously), and pretty much made to suit a Blood Elf priest, which is why i'm rolling one.
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    T8 10man looks awesome!
    is Tier2 still obtainable?

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    I've slowly been collecting all my Tier gear over the last year or so. Absolution Regalia is my favorite, but I'll probably swap back and forth between a few different ones every couple weeks. =)
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    T6 + Apostle of Argus it's the most aesthetic set so far.
    The bad thing is that i don't have Apostle but farming it would be nice

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    Probably going with T1 (no helm).

    Either that or t11 mage looking off-set pieces

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulled View Post
    I like how everyone has planned it already hehe the patch won't be for months brah
    I already have all the stuff in my Bank and I'm sure others do as well. Brah.
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    All tier priest except 12 are shit

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    I have full t3 and t6 though everything looks the same in shadowform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [-Spiritus-] View Post
    I have to seriously think about a lot of stuff, but two types are locked:

    1hmace: Beer mug.
    dagger: broken bottle
    Oh god yes... you made me lol for real. Drunken set ftw.
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    Because what they are atm are plait tugging, sniffing, glaring, prissy, clothes obsessed bitches who I would quite cheerfully drown.
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    Tier 8 with tier 6 shoulders for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by psyotik123 View Post
    So who will not be wearing T5? I have a feeling every priest in the game will be wearing this set.
    My priest, if I decide to level it, will be wearing Tier 6. Has to be the best priest set ever made cosmetic wise.
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