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    Are you a Star Wars fan?

    A lot of people are going to be trying out this game come december, myself included. However, I'm not a huge star wars fan, I've watched the movies etc, but that's about it. So I'm just wondering if the game will be mostly only be played by Star Wars fans or have a varied player base like a game such as WoW.

    If you're going to play SWTOR: Are you a big fan of the Star Wars franchise and want to play the game because of that, or are you just a gamer who wants a new MMO experience, or maybe a bit of both?

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    Sort of. My preference for a setting resides in a dark fantasy environment, but since there's a real lack of that sort of thing in the MMORPG market for roleplayers, I'm hoping ToR provides a fun, enjoyable and immersive experience. I've watched the movies and enjoyed them, so I reckon I'll be sorted when the game launches.

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    I am both. I absolutely love all the Bioware RPGs and RPGs in general. Also, the first time I saw Episode IV when I was 3 or 4, it totally blew my mind. It still does to this day.

    I am also a fan of Episodes I-III and I don't care what anyone says to that. Only problem I had with them was both actors who played Anakin, especially you know who.
    I own Star Wars memorabilia, haven't dressed as anything ever though and never will. That is just not for me. I own a lightsaber replica as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taldred View Post
    Sort of. My preference for a setting resides in a dark fantasy environment, but since there's a real lack of that sort of thing in the MMORPG market for roleplayers, I'm hoping ToR provides a fun, enjoyable and immersive experience. I've watched the movies and enjoyed them, so I reckon I'll be sorted when the game launches.
    You should keep an eye on Tera online

    The game will be big for RP as each town players elect other players to be mayors rulers etc etc very in depth fantasy game with a complete economy and player driven government
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    Could you put up a poll for us I'd like to know this also, as I'm not a huge fan of Star Wars either and I'm a bit worried of being surrounded by fanboys. Not that I see anything especially wrong with that, it's all just a matter of opinion.

    I think the 'idea' of Star Wars is great, I think having a galaxy as your playground is so much more amazing as just having a fantasy continent floating somewhere magically including the middle ages and spaceships. Consistency adds so much depth to it. For me it wouldn't hurt if it was even more scientific and realistic but you can't have everything. I've seen the movies, I thought they were kinda meh. The new ones had awful acting and the story kind of sucked, but they looked good so I could sit though them. I tried watching the older ones after that which I barely remembered from childhood. They looked god-awful, I didn't think the acting was much better and the story was just riddiculous, I mean wtf is so great about a deathstar anyways and why would you want to build another one if the first one proves weak enough to blow up? Lucas really couldn't come up with anything better?

    But that's just my opinion, I have no problem with you if you love it. Go ahead, I'm just hoping I don't have to hear about how awesome harrison ford is all the time while I'm playing as I don't really care. And with reciprocity, I won't be bashing anything in the chat either. I still like the idea of spacetravel, beautiful planets, close-combat instituted with the lightsabers and best of all an actual enemy to fight against. I'm such of a niceguy I can't bring myself to open world pvp even on a pvp server since I harbor no animosity against the other faction in wow. But against the sith... Finally it's free game! Will probably be passing the bounty hunters though, since I agree with what they're about.

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    I'm not a big Star Wars fan either.

    I didn't watch the movies untill I was like 14 because I had no interest. Even after saw them I was not an avid follower.

    I AM a big fan of Knights of the Old Republic though and that is the major drive for my interest in this game.

    I am so looking forward to SWTOR
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    I liked the movies all right but I was never a huge star wars fan. if this was similar to SWG or not made by bioware I wouldn't care honestly. I like the StarWars universe but I'm more of a bioware / old republic fan.

    I find The Old Republic Era and story way more interesting than the movies.

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    I'm into bioware's stories mostly, also looking for a new main mmo and I love wow, just feel the creativity is getting a little stagnant. Star wars is nice, but I've always been a fantasy over sci-fi, and star wars mixes both better then any other universe I know of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mystik View Post
    I find The Old Republic Era and story way more interesting than the movies.
    This, ^ Definitely.

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    Alot of players like Star Wars, with it's fantasy sci-fi themes, but I think the target audience won't be hardcore fans. Meaning most players won't be the folks who have read all the books, go to costume conventions, and know all the lore about everything.

    Though there will be some. Just a guess I suppose since I don't have statistical data, but of the people I've known, who are interested in Star Wars games, ever in my lifetime, a tiny fraction were hardcore fans (the majority were just gamers that found the concept interesting).

    I personally just like the idea of fantasy sci-fi around BioWares track record for great storytelling and games. I'm debating whether to play on a role playing server (first time ever), as if I ever do it, Star Wars is going to be the place to do it.

    Also add to that the innovative features and emphasis on server community, amongst other things.
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    I'm a Star Wars fan, I've seen and own all the movies. I haven't really kept up on too much of the extended universe of Star Wars though, so I guess I'm a casual fan of the franchise. I have played both Knights of the Old Republic games and had a blast in both. But the biggest draw to this game is the fact it's a sci-fi game, that's not EVE, not a big fan of constantly being in a ship to do just about everything. I'm really into sci-fi, it's my favorite genre, I have many games and movies dealing with sci-fi, far more than I do of anything medieval fantasy.

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    I like Star Wars, but there are other franchises that I do like more(e.g. Battletech). I do like sci-fi more than fantasy in general(There is one exception though), and the love for sci-fi paired with the need of a new mmo experience is the reason why I'm going to play it.

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    Definitely a Star Wars fan myself, and a Sci-Fi fan in general. Much more Ep. 4-6 than 1-3 but that's not what this thread is about. Though I'd consider myself a Star Wars "fan" not a "nerd", ie I don't know all the lore behind all the timelines.

    On the other hand, I'm definitely a Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis (Universe was CRAP) and Star Trek Voyager and TNG (though the others are cool too) nerd, and am a fan of Transformers, Starcraft 1&2, etc as sci-fi genres.

    Fantasy stuff is good too but not my primary interest.

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    i am a selective star wars fan. i love the jedi knight series, i like the gamecube game, i like joda, i haven't watched the first 3 movies, i couldn't bear to watch episode 1 entirely, i like episode 3
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    I love Star Wars.

    When something like that touches you when you're a kid, you never forget - even when the creator does his best to destroy your sense of nostalgia. When rumours about the game first started surfacing (I distinctly remember reading a rumour mill post on Gamespot as far back as '06) the idea of Bioware and Star Wars going hand in hand in an mmo (I'd just started playing WoW and was extremely enthusiastic about it) got me wet as a kipper.

    From what I have seen - the game is far from my dream come true; but the universe will always be enough to immerse me into getting some enjoyment out of it. I hate the prequel trilogy; but I can get enjoyment out of them because deep down and past the shallow veneer - there's still something Star Wars about them.

    Hopefully the same is true with TOR.

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    I'm a Star Wars fan, but not even close to a REAL star wars fan. I just like it, it's interesting, and not only the movies.

    I plan to play SWtOR because it's new and because it's about one of the best RPGs I've ever played, KOTOR.

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    Somewhat. I love the movies and know quite a bit about things. I've read a few of the EU books. I don't really care for any SW games (other than KOTOR) though.

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    I'd say I'm semi hardcore I LOVED the original trilogy, and thought the new trilogy was passable, considering what it was (and it has Natalie Portman in, nomnomnom).

    I've read a medium amount of the EU stuff, currently jogging through the New Jedi order arc.

    LOVED Kotor 1,2 and the Lego Star Wars series, not so much the other games.

    and I'm climbing the frakking WALLS waiting for Swtor
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nungamunch View Post
    When something like that touches you when you're a kid, you never forget

    OT: Ive loved SW since I first watched them, including 1-3. Played KoTOR after TOR was announced and I loved it, also played JediKnight DF2, outcast& academy which were all awesome(although academy not so much).
    I also have a replica lightsaber

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    I like star wars, but...

    For one thing, the game takes place roughly ~3000BBY. That's a pretty big gap, there are plenty of differences between the eras.

    I also love sci-fi and generally would be likely to play any big sci-fi mmo with this much effort being put into it.

    Also played KOTOR 1 and 2(actually got 2 first), and they were great.

    Plus, it's Bioware. I've played enough of their games to know they're more than worthy of my attention when it comes to anything sci-fi or rpg.
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