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    Heroic quests are the world group quests. Class quests are for personal storyline, and will take you into the "green door" instances areas that sometimes act as little solo dungeons.
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    Options are never a bad thing, I do think having it where I can solo or group up is kinda nice. So long as it takes much longer solo to get the rewards of a group I am ok with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathtakes View Post
    Am I the only that thought solo end game to mean 'stuff to do while at max level that are not leveling quests or repeater dailies' not solo raids, which doesnt really make sense to be honest. I was thinking something more along the lines of content with story that requires a companion, maybe some crafting, traveling, puzzles that are both challenging and fun but not easy or quick to complete.

    You could somehow receive gear and items for completing these, perhaps doing these would require some attunement through flashpoints as well just to make sure no one is lonering it up too much. I just want something that only max level characters can do, something genuinely interesting to do at max level that is fun, semi-challenging, and can alter your characters looks but doesn't require a party if you don't want one.

    I'm not positive but I have heard that there is an entire planet devoted to non-raiding non-flashpoint end game type material.

    Just my thoughts.
    How long before these quests on this entire planet are done, rehashed, regurgitated, and reviled Hmmmm. I remember a specific game where this was done and people would complain that they do it OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER.

    Yea there is a endgame area for lvl 50 and we will have that crushed and mashed and pureed after about 3 months. Nothing worng with continuing a class story after lvl 50 or even starting a new 1 that yea will allow for FP attunements or even some companion stories, that would be a great way to keep 50 endgame going when not raiding.

    TOR has HUNDREDS of story writers HUNDREDS of voice actors/tresses, we solos are not asking for endgame solo stuff RIGHT NOW(least i am not) just saying that more could be added as time goes on while also creating fresh new Operations. the class stories could also be tied into Operations(this could be the attunement part). or they could be companion story tie-ins, i mean our companions have stories too. there are LOTS of possibilities taht could go on for continuing endgame stuff both raid wise and solo wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RatFanatic View Post
    I thought those were heroic quests.
    nah the heroic +2 quests are questline instances and not all that heroic. then we got the +4 flashpoints

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    When I read the term "Solo End Game" I read it as "going back to old instances and attempting to solo it", which is honestly a crapload of fun. No need to give legitimate rewards for it though.

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