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    Loot, iLvl and progression?

    Anyone know how the loot drops will be determined in diablo 3 based off what is already known from the beta?

    Will normal monsters (regular fallen and such) have a really low droprate for magic, rare, set and uniq-- sorry, legendary items based on your MF like it's predecessor?
    Will the iLvl of the item be the only limiting factor of what can drop an item, like how diablo 2 was or will some items being lore-based like legendaries be only dropped by specific bosses?

    Was there any word at blizzcon as to how they plan on making variety more appealing than runs for this mode?

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    This is not WoW just so you know.

    Everything that can drop something has a chance to drop anything, at least thats the idea i have so far gotten.

    It's all random.

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    Every monster drop a range of base items based on the level of such monster (Zombie act 1 can't drop the weapons of Badguy act 4 for example).

    Then every such items can be normal/magic/rare/legendary (with lowest % for legendary).

    Zombie level 1 can therefore drop a rare crappy dagger.

    Then %of the item being magic/rare/legendary are increased for rare monsters, champions and boss.

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