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    pandaren language barrier.. the answer is so simple.. does nobody else see?

    So, the Alliance speak in "Common" and the Horde speak in... is it "Gutterspeak"? That might be undead.. I forget what the Horde general language is called.

    There's also Trollish, Gnomish, Elvish, etc. etc. ...correct? Or was this removed from the game?

    If not.. wouldn't there be a Pandaren language which Pandarens can understand each other in? Allow Pandarens of both factions to understand each other when they speak this language.

    That seems like the obvious answer. Nobody speaks in the different languages anyway unless RPing or w/e so... Ya. Idk.. have it so that you can't see language-specific messages while your dead so that nobody can talk shit after they kill you.

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    Actually everybody else saw this, even blizzard! And they made a nice little blue post about why they did not want to do this. I guess you should do some more seeing before you ignorantly blame people for not seeing something, such arrogance.

    Here is something to SEE for you:

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    It doesn't matter if the Pandaren would speak a common language, Blizzard doesn't want people talking cross-faction for the simple reason that it causes enormous amounts of drama. I remember the trash-talking that happened cross-faction when it was still possible; you'd kill someone in PvP and immediately get an angry, hate-filled whisper.[COLOR="red"]
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