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    Who still plays Diablo 2?

    Just wanted to see if anyone does, Ive been playing it last few days to get rdy for D3, Its still a great game.

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    I do... in fact, ladder got reset precisely today and im starting over again

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    i reinstalled it today to get back some memories =P. and get away some rust =P. Really looking forwards to Diablo3!.

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    From time to time I log in and do some boss rounds for some gear for giggles, like in old days huh. But D2 is soo old, I can't resist such deisgn any longer after soo many years and graphics evolution, so I am starting to rather pick Torchlight and play a little instead of D2.

    I really can't wait for D3. Same as for GW2. This waiting takes tooo long, hurts

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    Just installed it my self. Haven't played in years so did it to get back into the swing of things for when d3 comes out

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    Abit to old for me aswell, also having played it for years on and off. My non-ladder acount is filled and 1 extrea character now, with characters thats pretty much done, but a few skillers and some better items on a few.

    But its just getting to old now days. To much spamming aswell, really annoying. Diablo3 I choose you!

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    I do... in fact, ladder got reset precisely today and im starting over again

    Trap sin, fuck yes
    Everyone I know finally quit...we've all only been playing for like nine years =/

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    I am currently playing Torchlight since the Graphics in D2 are terrible to today's standards, and TL is a good game... mainly because it copied 99% of D2 Gameplay... and added better graphics...
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    I play it every so often actually awaiting D3 Playing an assi, on Hell currently
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    I played Diablo II alot in the past, I recently reinstalled it and boy what a disapointment. Although I am in the Diablo 3 beta and it is Legen WAIT FOR IT.......... DARY.

    On a more serious note, Diablo II was epic in it's own way when I didn't know of World of Warcraft. Now I just get irritated by the graphics, but that's just me.
    Great game when it was newer(ISH)

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    I love d2, and i'd love to still play, but the adbots are WAY too annoying.

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    decided to play through one and two to get ready for D3. though unable to log to, the account name is to long, probably just doing something wrong -_-

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    I still play D2, but a modded version now (Median XL, to be exact). Too lazy to start all over again after my original account was banned for having a version 1.08 Windforce on closed bnet.

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    I tried to replay it, but there are some things that annoy me. When I played it first time I loved it, but now... having to return to towns when my bags fill or going around the edges to explore the map and trying to find the waypoints, just it's a bit too old concept for me now and gets a bit repetitive. But Diablo 3 looks good, so waiting for it

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    I am still playing D2 once a week with a group of (online-)friends.
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    My dad and my brother play it. If I had more time, I'd play it, too.

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    I play it but not that often maybe level up a new char to lvl 20 or so once every 3/4 months then something else catches my attention and i forget about it.

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    The most active gaming forum on the internet.. Started out to be a Diablo 2 forum and for a fact on that forum you have on each ladder between 200 to 500 member browsing and trading items daily..

    Fact when ladders reset the items tend to be worth more wow currency that u'd ever carry around on a character ^^

    D2 rocks..

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    >Rush normal hellforge
    >Get a sol rune
    >Roll a lucky 17 med insight
    >Sell on jsp for 4,000 fg
    >Go play something else for 3 weeks
    >Spend 100fg on a level 85 fully decked out

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    Just reinstalled it yesterday - man you can respec now when did that happen I am trying to resist playing the assassin again - I love that class so much. Trying the druid out right now...

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