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    I did recently install it again but it's just a slight bit to dated for me to play now I've been spoiled by newer games and their UI's. Still looking forward to D3 though. Off topic give Torchlight a whirl too, very similar too D2 a kind of cartoony like but still some good fun and good time passer. I think it was made by some of the authors who were Blizzard North at the time if remember correctly who first developed Diablo.
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    I tried it, couldn't play it. The graphics are just too old for me to have any enjoyment from the game.

    PS: I guess I'm one of the people that never played Diablo and just tried D2 because D3 looks amazing. In fact, I've never played any game with this sort of gameplay, so I'm really excited for D3.
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    I tried to install it back this summer but couldn't bear the gfx

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    I occasionally play a mod for Diablo 2, one of the reasons why I feel disappointed with Diablo 3 (It's still going to be an awesome game but I've discovered something that made the normal hack&slash into an epic slaughter of massive proportions). It's called Median XL and it's amazing. I can't play the normal Diablo 2 anymore because it seems so dull. It's quite strange to think that there's a mod for a 11 year old game with frequent updates and a great community. Since it's a lot different than Diablo 3 I might actually still be playing Diablo 2 (Median XL) even after the release.
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    Actually played through D2 very recently for the first time and I enjoyed it a lot. If it weren't for Diablo 2 I probably wouldn't be trying out D3 either. I hope there will be mods for it too.

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    Never played it and I never will. I'l wait for Diablo 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    Never played it and I never will. I'l wait for Diablo 3.
    I log-in every once in a while to fix expired characters or whatnot but other than that, no. I am beyond excited for d3 though.

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