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    combustion help

    hi, as the title says I need some help with combustion.
    I wonder, I have Lb up on the target (let's say for about 3 sec before it runs out) together with a high ignite (for 3sec) and an pyro dot => this is when I normally would use combustion.
    But is it like worth it to reapply Lb to the target before I use my combustion or doesn't it really matter how many seconds are left from the dot on the target ?
    I've seen a threat from some1 that did really high combustions because he reapplyed his LB before he used combustion.
    thanks in advance.

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    no DoT duration does not matter, just needs to be present

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    ok, thanks. No idea why that guy did it then

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    it could make sense to do this if you where about to do lots of aoeing and u wanted to refresh the living bomb dot before you impacted because when you impact it does matter about dot duration

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